POC Cosplay Ideas

Top 10 Poc Cosplay Ideas
Photo By: Alanna Mode

Friday, the only day of the week we look forward to am I right?

Unless your one of those weird people that actually enjoy Monday,

strange ☹. Anyways, today’s post is an awesome one on Poc

Cosplay and is one I have been wanting to do for a while. Were

going to discuss some top 10 Poc Cosplay Ideas. As a fellow POC

cosplayer, it’s sometimes difficult to find cosplays that are

specifically tailored to POC cosplayers.

Photo By: Sam Lau

So let’s go ahead and address that with this post. Without further

ado, I give you my top 10 POC Cosplay ideas. Side Note there are a

lot of cosplays I wish I could have included but could not find

outfits for but if some are released in the future, I’ll gladly add


10. Aveline De Grandpre

Photo By: Sunymao

 Starting off the list we have Aveline De Grandpre. She is an

assassin who lived in New Orleans during the middle of the 18th

century. Aveline is a DLC character for Assassins’ Creed IV: Black

Flag. She was born into a wealthy family and lived a privileged life.

One day, she lost sight of her mom and mistook another woman

for her mother.

Photo By: Cesare Marino

This caught the attention of slavers but before they

could capture her, she was rescued by an Assassin called Agate, he then

recruits her into the brotherhood. I have yet to see this cosplay at a

convention and would love to see it this year at any number of the

conventions I am attending.

9. Sazh Katzroy

Photo By: David Walton

Sazh Katzroy is a protagonist from Final Fantasy XIII. He is

always accompanied by his twin pistols and trusty baby Chocobo.

He is approximately middle-aged and works as an airship pilot. I

remember seeing this character a lot back when the game was

originally released and would love to see him make a return.

Unfortunately, this character’s story is a rather sad one.

Photo By: Jack Liu

After his wife died, he has become a single father and takes care of

his son ever since. He then loses his son due to unfortunate

circumstances and is set on a quest to reclaim his son in one of the

most epic video games ever created.

8. Muhammad Avdol

Photo By: Gdula

Muhammad Avdol is an ally in Jojo’s bizarre adventure. Many

people have seen this series and though I see many JoJo cosplays, I

rarely see Avdol cosplayers. Not saying there aren’t any, just I don’t

see them that often. He joins the group to assist in defeating DIO

and provides valuable knowledge about enemy stand users. His

specific stand is Magicians Red and manipulates fire. Id love to see

two people do a cosplay involving both Avdol and his stand.

7. Aokiji

Photo By: Reuben Tang

Kuzan better known as Aokiji is a marine admiral, well former

marine admiral. He ate the Hie Hie no Mi fruit and controls the

power of ice. He is one of the most powerful devil fruit users Luffy

has ever encountered in one piece. He is a very tall yet slim

individual with a calm and collected personality. I have really loved

this character throughout the one piece series and always know

were in for an awesome episode when he shows up.

6. Dutch Black Lagoon

Photo By: Cureforcapezio

I haven’t seen this series in a long time and kinda forgot about how

much of a badass this character is. Dutch from Black Lagoon is

the leader of the Black Lagoon Trading company and is an ex-

marine. He is absolutely ripped and is always cool and collected.

He represents one of the strongest and level headed members of

the group compared his happy trigger happy ally Revy. This is

another series that I have seen Revy cosplayed but not Dutches.

Please, someone, bring this back.

5. Kaz Kaan

Photo By: Rlkitterman

Kaz Kaan is a character I have thought about cosplaying myself, I

would just have to dye my dreads pink. I don’t know how I feel

about that though. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a

cosplay for this character but it wouldn’t take much work to


Photo By: PixelGhosts

This character is a magistocrat from a series called Neo Yokio. Fun fact, he is

actually voiced by Jaden Smith. Being a magistocrat, he has access to a wide

array of magical abilities making him extremely formidable. I would love

to give this cosplay a go someday and may just commit to the hairstyle for a

day. Side note, I did find a hoodie for the series.

4. Sid Barrett

Sid Barrett is a character from the awesome series Soul Eater. He

is a three-star meister with the special ability to wield any weapon.

Though capable of using any weapon, he prefers his trusty knife.

Unfortunately, he was transformed into a zombie but still retained

his large muscular form. Odd fact, the kanji tattoo he has on his

arm stands for death and the arrow under it means a person. I

think this cosplay is rather easy to pull off and shouldn’t set your

bank account back to much.   

3. Darui

Photo By: Daisanart

Darui is a character from the series Naruto. Unfortunately, I don’t

see many people branching into other characters from this series

aside from Sasuke, Naruto, Jiraiya and Tsunade. But that’s ok,

cause it will definitely change after this Poc Cosplay post right lol?

Anyways, he is a ninja from the hidden cloud village and wields

water, wind and lightning ninjutsu’s. I wish this character had

gotten more scream time so let’s honor him with some awesome

cosplays to make up for his lack of air time.

2. 4TH Raikage

Photo By: Ntocha

The 4th raikage is truly a terror and force to behold in every

aspect. He is both physically imposing, completely fearless and an

absolute beast on the battlefield. His speed combined with his

relentless attitude has made him one of the most respected and

well known Kage in the Naruto series. Similar to Darui, I wanted to

see a lot more of this guy on the screen but its ok, because we got

Killer Bee in his stead. Seeing someone cosplay as him would be

awesome, especially with those large arm braces he rocks.

1. Ajay Che Lifeline Medic

Photo By: KayBear Cosplay

Ajay Che is the medic known as Lifeline in the Apex Legend

Series. She is relatively new to the cosplay scene in comparison to

some of the other individuals on the list. She is the child of

individuals that profit from war and realized how much disparity

her family’s business was causing. She has since devoted her life to

helping others and pledges her winning from the Apex games to

help those in need.

Photo By: David Ngo

  This character has gained a lot of momentum after she was

cosplayed by the popular cosplayer Kayybear. I wish I had gotten

to photograph this character in person, but the cosplay

photography future is bright and I’m sure I’ll get the chance


Photo By: Winged-Mouz

There you have it, my top 10 Poc Cosplay characters to cosplay as. I

really wish I could have included so many other individuals on the

list but I was unable to find their outfits. I still may create one in

the future and just use images created by other individuals. I hope

to see a lot more of these cosplays go into effect at conventions and

will make sure I go out of my way to photograph them if I see any.

Photo By: Kadu-out

If you enjoyed this Poc Cosplay post feel free to leave a comment

below. Also, if you plan to cosplay any of these characters let me

know, I would love to host your image on the site. If you need some

other ideas for cosplays make sure to check HERE!!! Well, that’s it

for today, until next time stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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