Pokémon Cosplay

Pokémon Cosplay

What’s going on everyone? I’m back with another cosplay post and it’s about a series that has been around for a while. There have been so many changes and iterations of this series that I can barely keep up. I personally began with the original and have sort of stuck with it up until its current version. There have been numerous Pokémon released since the original  150 with mixed reviews and feelings coming along with each release. Regardless, of your favorite character or Pokémon, I’m sure we can all agree that characters from this series are fun to cosplay as. I have seen tons of BEA cosplays so I know you guys are feeling the same way. So with all that being said, let’s check out some amazing Pokémon characters to cosplay as.  PS: Check the bottom for a 20% off link for these outfits!


Pokémon Cosplay

First up on our list of Pokémon cosplays, we have of course Bea. She is a fighting Pokémon expert and is the gym leader of the Galar Region. Bea is an expert at Galar karate. This means that not only is this character a great Pokémon cosplay choice, but if you also engage in martial arts she’s the perfect character for you. Bea also has a sweet tooth. This means that you can stay in character while taking a food break at a convention munching on some ice cream or candy. 


This character has a rather interesting look and specializes in dark Pokémon. Like Beahe is a gym leader. Specifically, he leads the Spikemuth gym and is a rather nonchalant individual that does not notice most things around him. But, all of this changes once he begins to battle. He actually sings and has a tendency to announce his battle strategies out of excitement. If you enjoy dark Pokémon and get excited by the mere mention of Pokémon than this Pokémon cosplay is for you. 


Kabu aka the “Ever Burning man of Fire”. Kabu has one of the best quotes out of any character I have ever seen. He states, “he will keep learning and training so long as he lives”. This quote is so applicable to life. God knows it’s easy to quit and give up but like Kabu you must persevere. It makes sense that this character is also the leader of the fire gym. You can’t possibly have such a burning quote and personality and then not command fire-type Pokémon. Everything about Kabu just makes sense. 


This character wreaks of greatness! I mean just look at that outfit. You can’t help but get itchy simply looking at it. All jokes aside, Milo may not be the strongest gym leader but he makes up for this with hard work. I have never personally worked on a farm but I can only imagine how difficult it is. Another interesting point about Milo is that he’s a gentle giant. Despite his hulking build, he’s actually very easy going and goes easy on weaker opponents. So, if you’re a gentle giant and love grass Pokémon then Milo is for you! 


You know I had to give a shout out to my man wearing the shy guy maskActually I’m rather sure this is not a shy guy mask but its cool to think it is. Allister fights with my favorite category of Pokémon. What is it you ask? Of course ghost type. Team Gengar for life. Allister is the leader of the Stow-On-Side stadium and is actually eventually replaced by BaeI would say that if being mysterious and reclusive is your thing than Allister is definitely the Pokémon cosplay for you. 


Pokémon Cosplay

I’ve been waiting to mention this character but I could not hold back anymore. Nessa is another favorite following Bea. I absolutely love this character not only because she’s black, but also because she uses my second favorite group of Pokémon. Right after Gengar I always loved Blastoise. Nessa is the leader of the water gym in Hulbury city. Despite the fact that shes does not use Blastoiseyou still have to love her as she came from humble beginnings. Her father is a fisher and her mother works in the market. Despite this, she has risen to the rank of gym leader and even models. For this Nessa we will always love you and continue to cosplay as you! 


Another POC cosplayer, Raihan wields the all-powerful dragon Pokémon. These Pokémon are very well known with FlygonRayquazaGarchomp, and Dragonite being almost instantly recognizable. Raihan is the leader of Hammerlocke gym and is the only person that has even come close to beating LeonAlthough he is known for being rather kind-hearted to his fans and peers, he is also rather self-absorbed. He can usually be seen taking selfies and always makes sure to look his best. I think this character would be rather fun to cosplay as because who doesn’t like a good selfie and of course dragon type plushies? 


Last but not least we have the strongest Pokémon trainer in the series. Leon is ridiculously strong and is extremely confident. He uses a wide arrange of pokemon ranging from fire and flying to dragon and ghost. Even while battling this character, he never considers the possibility that he may lose. Shockingly, Leon became the champ when he was only 10 years old. I’m not exactly sure of his current age but he seems to be in his 20’s. That’s a long time to hold the title of champ. If being the best is important to you then look no further than Leon as your pokemon cosplay character. 

Pokémon Cosplay

We covered several characters on the list and there are several more that were not included. Regardless, I believe this list can hopefully help you narrow down your next pokemon cosplay character a bit. Definitely choose one that resonated with you and I’m sure you will have tons of fun at your next convention. If you enjoyed this post feel free to let me know in the comment section below. Also, for more cosplay news and fun feel free to check out my BLOG HERE! Also, my YOUTUBE channel is of course up and running and it can be found HERE! Well, that’s going to do it for today, until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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