Portrait Photography Ideas

Good morning afternoon and evening depending on where you

live. I had the pleasure of taking a few shots and imitating a

raindrop and colored gel tutorial. This Portrait Photography Ideas

was created by Lorenzo P. He has some extremely innovative and

has created some great tutorials so check him out when you get a

chance. I had the pleasure of working with lilkiser_12 and Bcarey

for this shoot. Lets see how it went.

Raindrop Effect

First up, lets touch on the equipment. I primarily used my 50mm

lens and Nikon d7000 for this shoot. I also used colored gels and a

moon lamp which can be purchased here. To create the awesome

lighting effects, I decided to power up my 3 orlit Rovelights

accompanied by 3 large godox softboxes.

These created some

amazing but sometimes to vibrant gel effects. This was easily fixed

in post. But to limit my post work, I had to lower the power of the

monolights to level 2 of 10. Last but not least we used some fairy

lights to create the images seen below along with a smoke


Cue Smoke

I really wish I had, had time to use the fairy lights with the rain

drop effect but thats ok, ill save it for another shoot. To create the

water effect, we simply used a spray bottle and a large piece of

plexiglass. By suspending it from the ceiling we were able to

bypass the necessary suspension equipment listed in the tutorial.

Using a bit of fishing string, thumbtack and duct tape, we were

able to recreate the same effects listed in the Portrait Photography

Ideas raindrop tutorial.

Regarding the gel colors, we had to experiment with which colors

worked best with the models and their dresses. We found blue,

red, purple and yellow/orange to really create the desired effect.

The most difficult aspect of the entire shoot turned out to be the

focusing mechanisms of the camera. The smoke and water drops

were constantly disrupting the autofocus mechanisms so much had

to be done manually. I also tried to prevent streaking on the glass

but was not always successful.

Loving These Colors

Furthermore I haven’t used manual focus in a while so it took some

getting used to but eventually I got the hang of it. It was kind of

like riding a bike, you hop back on and it slowly comes back to you.

Another aspect of the portrait photography ideas shoot that went

well was the poses. I was fortunate to have two models that had

taken pictures before so posing came natural to them. They

seamlessly transitioned from one pose to the next which

completely accent the shoot and made my job a lot easier.

Following the raindrop photos, we decided to switch to the moon

lamp, fairy lights and back-lit gel photos. The moon lamp shots

were also very difficult to obtained due to the low light. You do not

want to us flash with these images so oddly enough we used a cell

phone light to help the camera with focusing. Once the focus was

set, we locked the focus position in place and told the model not to

move from her current position. Even with such preparations,

obtaining the desired image was difficult.

Moon Glow

I had to play with everything ranging from the ISO to the shutter

speed to get the image just right. The moon lamp has 3 different

color setting which all change the way the camera handles the

image, This was also an aspect which had to be taken into

consideration to create the gorgeous model and moon lamp shots.

If your skilled, you can add some smoke to these images but I was

unfortunately unable to get the camera to focus in the low light


Next up we moved to the fairy lights. These lights are very unique

when it comes to lighting. There glow is very subtle and does not

appear as “bright” in the image. Enhancing them in post is an

option but I prefer to get the image as close to what I want before

post. I think for the next shoot, I will purchase stronger fairy lights

that give off more luminescence to make the shoot a lot easier. To

see some previous shoots with these lights click HERE.

Fairy Lights

Last but not least we ended the shoot with some back lit gel and

smoke shoots. For these images, only one of the three orlit

monolights was used. We positioned the model directly in front of

the light and attached a gel to the front of it. By using her body to

shield the lighting apparatus, we were able to create the images

seen below. Out of all the images taken, I would have to say these

are my second favorite. The water drop images take the prize but

these are definitely a close second.

More Rain

In terms of difficulty, these were much easier to create because we

only had to go through one layer of smoke rather than a layer of

smoke and plexiglass. If you are going to recreate this shoot,

definitely save these images for last. They are by far the easiest

and take the least adjustments out of the entire list. Also be aware

of the models dress and skin tone. Not every colored gel went well

with there outfits or skin tone resulting in lots of trial and error.

Cue Gels and Smoke

I hope you enjoyed this look at my unique spin on the rain drops

tutorial by Lorenzo P. These portrait photography ideas are sure to

spice up your portfolio and reignite that photography flame which

might be dulling. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave a

comment in the section below. I love hearing from you all and

would like to know what you think I can have done better on and

what I did well on.

More Smoke and Gels

Well that’s it for this post, I would like to thank

Letsbcarey and lilkiser_12 again for modeling for this portrait

photography ideas shoot. None of it would have been possible

without them. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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