Power Rangers Cosplays You Need to Check Out

There have been so many iterations and editions of the power rangers that its almost impossible to keep up. I personally grew up on the Mighty Morphin and Neo Rangers but that was a long time ago. Currently, EZCOSPLAY is having a sale on power rangers cosplays so even if you do not care for the information in this blog post, at least check out some of the outfits. I know that each person has their own specialized taste when it comes to costume colors and selections.  But, I wanted to list 8 awesome ranger cosplays that I think you should check out for 2021.  

Green Ranger (Mighty Morphin) 

So first up we have the original green ranger. When this ranger made it into the series I’m telling you it was like experiencing your first Super Saiyan. This character was played by none other than Jason Frank. He has since played several other rangers and has even gone down in the martial arts hall of fame. His Zord was the legendary dragonzord which I wish I would have purchased as a kid. The dragonzord now retails on Amazon for over $150. This just shows how popular this character was. I really don’t think kids now days could stand watching the power rangers get wrecked for four straight episodes by one ranger! 

Black Ranger (Dino Thunder) 

If we are going off of straight swag then look no further than the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. Believe it or not, this ranger was actually played by Jason Frank. When it came to Zords, you have to consider the Black Brachiozord as one of the greatest of all time. In my opinion, it really looked awesome and well carried all of the other Zords. I will admit that I’m sad to see him toss the original Dragonzord but I guess you have to upgrade sometime. If this wasn’t enough, Tommy unlocked the Super Dino mode after battling his previous power ranger egos resulting in the Super Dino Mode ranger. 

White Mystic Ranger (Mystic Ranger Force) 

If winter and magic are more your thing than look no further than white mystic ranger power rangers cosplay. This ranger commands the power of snow and uses her snow wand and snow staff to thwart evil. A very interesting fact about this ranger is that she’s one of the only rangers that do not have a Zord. That’s right, instead, she uses a spell called “Galwit Mysto Prifior” which allows her to become giant. I personally feel that a Zord would be better as it can take all of the hits for you but hey, it seems to have worked for her. 

Orion, Silver Ranger (Super Megaforce) 

When it comes to powerful ranger cosplays, look no further than the Silver RangerBut, unlike many of the other rangers in the series, the Silver Ranger was not human. He actually crash-landed on earth after his home planet of Andresia was destroyed. The Silver Ranger is one of the most powerful rangers in the entire series as he has the power to summon previous ranger’s powers. This means that he was capable of calling upon even more powerful rangers such as the original white, red, or green ranger. As if this wasn’t enough, he gains a powerup known as Super Megaforce Gold which makes him, even more, god-like. 

Red Quantum Ranger (Time Force) 

This isn’t exactly my favorite power rangers cosplay but the Red Quantum Ranger made it onto the list for two reasons. One, he was extremely assertive. Unlike the other rangers, he was not chosen to become a power ranger. Instead, Eric decided to simply take the quantum Morpher when he found out about it. He knew his calling from the beginning. Second, Eric opposed many other rangers for the right to pilot the Quantasaurus RexThis was a Zord of incalculable power. It had no trouble dispatching the robot Doomtron despite not being in top shape.  

White Ranger (Mighty Morphin) 

Another Tommy Oliver Power rangers cosplay, the White Ranger was an absolute beast. Many actually rank him as the strongest ranger. He commanded the extremely powerful TigerZord and Saba SwordJust in case you haven’t seen this iteration of the power rangers, Saba was a talking sword that could fly and shoot laser beams from its eyes. So not only did you have to worry about being cut, but you also had to worry about laser sword death. Who knew that was a thing. This sword was also the key to the TigerZord but unfortunately, Saba disappeared from the series once the TigerZord was destroyed. 

Pink Ninja Ranger (Ninja Rangers) 

When it comes to power ranger cosplays you can’t overlook the ninja rangers. These rangers used techniques straight out of Naruto such as shadow clones and smokescreens. This ranger costume is a two for one deal as you get to do an awesome power rangers cosplay and a ninja cosplay. In terms of the series, this ranger was played by Amy Johnson who also played the original pink power ranger. So you are sort of paying homage to the classics with this cosplay as well. A very interesting fact was that the rangers never used their Zords while in this form. Not sure why that was, but its something interesting to note.  

Purple Wolf Ranger (Jungle Fury)

Another power rangers cosplay that you should look into is the Purple Wolf Ranger. Why you ask? Well, that’s simple, he was badass and surprisingly powerful. His intellect was also on par with the original blue rangers meaning he was brawn and brains. The Purple Wolf Ranger actually ranked 21 in a running for the most powerful rangers. His fighting style is described as eccentric which is a direct result of him training under multiple masters. If you love pizza and kicking evils ass on the weekends than the Purple Wolf Ranger is definitely the cosplay for you. 

This power rangers cosplay list only looks at a few of the hundreds of rangers that exist throughout the power rangers universe. Feel free to choose whichever one you love or most identify with as the sale is going on until the 16th. This is definitely the chance to fulfill that childhood dream of fighting you’re bestie while dressed as a ranger. Or am I the only one that had that dream? Anyways, thanks so much for checking out my blog post, and for more awesome cosplay ideas feel free to click Here! Also, check out my YouTube for some amazing cosplayers demonstrating their skills. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!  

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