Queen City Anime Convention 2018

DVA Cosplay

Deku Cosplay

Hows everyone doing? Great I hope, well Queen City anime convention has ended and I saw some amazing costumes and craftsmanship. I have to admit I was hoping to see a bit more of the classics but this is just a personal preference.

Queen City Anime Con 2018-0015Something about viewing the classics brings back a bit of nostalgia and memories of times when cosplaying was much smaller. But, that’s a topic for another day.

          I have been to several cons but this was my first time visiting the Queen City Anime Convention and I was definitely impressed with the turnout. Queen City Anime Con 2018-0090The lake background made for some great photos and I ran into several familiar faces along with some unexpected people from the past.

Its amazing how many people you are actually friends with on various social media platforms but I have never met in person.


Queen City Anime Con 2018-0106      So finally meeting people I have had several conversations with online was a great treat. I also did not realize how many cosplayers live in charlotte. I have met tons of people at AWA and Dragoncon not knowing they also reside in charlotte. 

          So that of course was a great realization. Well enough with the rambling lets jump into some of the images from the convention. I tried to capture as many people as I could.

          But as always, it’s impossible to capture every single cosplayer at the convention. One of the many benefits of being a cosplay photographer is not only seeing the joy people experience when they see their images, but also learning about all the new anime and characters that’s I have never heard of.


          I cant begin to tell you how many animes I have grown to love as a result of individuals cosplaying their favorite characters from that series.

Well, without further ado I present Queen City Anime conventions amazing cosplayers. Let me know what you guys think. And feel free to message me if you see your image in this post.

          All of the images will be in a gallery at the bottom of this post so make sure you check there also. Message me and I will gladly send you a copy of your picture.Soul Eater Cosplay

  1. Starting off the list of some of my favorite shots we have Stein from soul eater. This character was cosplayed by (KatKrews). Stein was one of my favorite characters in Soul Eater and she definitely did the character justice. I wish I could have also seen a Black Star cosplay but maybe next time!

    Asuna Cosplay
  2. Next up we have a gorgeous Asuna from Sword Art Online. Cosplayed by (Awhsuna). If you have not watched this series you are missing out. The entire idea of being trapped in a life or death video game was phenomenal and Awhsuna was a perfect replica of Asunas character. Neon Genesis Evengalion Cosplay
  3. I would be crazy not to mention the awesome Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Cosplayed by (suglitecity), this anime is not only a classic but also reminds me of my college years. I watched this anime a long time ago and still remember it like it was yesterday. Thank you so much (suglitecity) for cosdplaying this character.Ariel Cosplay
  4. Everyone loves Disney right? If you don’t im rather sure you’re the anti-Christ lol. So it should come to no surprise that I loved (Cosplay_fairy322) Areials cosplay. Although the lion king and Moana will always have my heart, this Areial cosplay is definitely making me re-think my Disney line up. Rachel Alucard Cosplay
  5. Most people know I am a huge fighting game fan so being able to capture this Rachel Alucard cosplayed by (Shychildcosplay) was undeniably a highlight of the con. The dress was perfect and very noticeable. Although I never got the hang of this character in blazblue, I did respect some of her devastating combos. My hero Academy Cosplay
  6. This series is extremely popular right now so its no shock there were several cosplayes from the series at the convention. But, this particular Mina cosplayed by (Broken-Kiss-Creations) definitely stuck out. I never really payed much attention to this characters throughout the series. But her cosplay has made me rethink this decision and I will certainly do a bit of research into this characters acid based quirks. Penny Wise Cosplay
  7. I think clowns were officially ruined because of this character and (schoolzone25mph) certainly reminded me why. That’s right, cosplaying as none other than Penny wise the creepy ass clown from “IT”, she made me remember why I keep a 10 foot minimum distance from all clowns. Theres nothing funny about murderous clowns. Sasuke Cosplay
  8. Naruto took the world by storm in 2002 and has continued its legacy with Boruto. Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha were some of the most well known characters in the series if not the most well known. His iconic sharingan was feared by nearly everyone in the series. This cosplay was flawlessly portrayed by (Star_boy_blue). For sure one of my favorite shots from the con! Fire Emblem Cosplay
  9. Next up we have Veronica from fire emblem cosplayed by (Narnar72). I really enjoyed the craftsmanship on this cosplay. I have never played a fire emblem game but I am familiar with a few of the characters due to super smash brothers. I definitely need to look more into this games story. Zero Two Cosplay
  10. Finally, we have Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx cosplayed by (Hellonursecosplay). I only recently started this anime maybe about two days ago but have really begun to enjoy it. She was the only Darling in the Franxx cosplayer I saw at the convention so it was definitely a pleasure to capture this Zero Two cosplay.Queen City Anime Con 2018-0213

This list by no  means represents all of my favorite cosplays from the convention. It only highlights a few of the costumes that really stood out to me. I cant wait to see everyone again next year or at other conventions.Overwatch Cosplay

I also hope you enjoyed this post and the images I took. ALL OF THE IMAGES CAN BE FOUND IN THE GALERY BELLOW. Make sure you message me so I can send you a copy of your picture.

I will be posting most of these to IG and facebook so make sure you check there also. Well that’s its for todays post, Thanks so much again to everyone that came out and allowed to snap there pics. Until next time STAY BOUNDLESS!!!



PS: Catch me at Dragoncon This week!!!

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