Queen City Anime Convention and Dragoncon

QC Anime Convention & Dragoncon 2018


How’s everyone doing? I know its been a while my apologies, I’ve been a bit pre-occupied with school. You know how it is, the whole trying to better your life or whatever and what not. But its ok it will pay off in the end….. Or so they say? Anyways, back to the matter at hand. Lets discuss these upcoming conventions. Boundlessperception will be attending both the Queen City Anime Convention and Dragoncon.

You already know I plan to bring all of the camera equipment so make sure you stop by to get your picture taken. For images from previous cons CHECK HERE, I may have snapped you in the past and you never got to see your picture. Im debating if I want to cosplay while photographing or dedicate specific days to each, feel free to chime in.

             Harley AWA 2017 Pics Several of you mentioned you were going to be there so don’t back down now. ALL SHOOTS ARE COMPLETELY FREE!!!, but donations and food are excepted LOL. I really hope I can capture as many people as possible, I also plan to make it to the Aquarium shoot. Would really love to do a BIOSHOCK shoot there. One of my favorite games and of course the aquarium theme naturally flows with this type of shoot. Well that’s it for this mini-informative post.

AWA 2017 SCORPIONTake away message, DON’T BE SHY, SHOW OFF YOUR HARD WORK and STOP BY. See everyone soon. Stay Boundless!!!

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