Quirkcon 2019!

Quirkcon Shoot!
Quirkcon Shoot!

How’s everyone doing? Whatever your answer, it should be much

better after seeing this post, especially if you went to Quirkcon. I

attempted to get as many pictures as I could at this convention

while also trying to listen to the panels taking place on the main


Quirkcon Shoot!

Let’s just say my multi-tasking skills leave much to be desired and

gradually drifted towards only photography lol. But that’s ok

because I believe I was able to take some amazing pictures. Thanks,

everyone that posed and definitely send me a message at

mcboundlessperception@gmail.com if you would like a copy of

your picture.


Quirkcon Shoot!

Let me just begin by saying this convention was awesome and I

believe the turnout was great. I was able to meet several

cosplayers, speakers, and vendors. A nice thing about smaller cons

is the one on one interactions. Large cons are great because of

course, you get to see a vast amount of cosplayers. But smaller cons

have their pros to. Since I wasn’t rushing from shoot to shoot, I

was able to actually talk to many individuals and hear their cosplay

stories and backgrounds.

Quirkcon Shoot!

One thing that I particularly loved was the amount of POC

cosplayers I saw. I have to admit I’m not accustomed to seeing this

quantity of POC cosplayers in one area and it was definitely an

awesome experience. More importantly, I met a lot of cosplayers

that are actually located in the Raleigh area, I will certainly be

reaching out to you for shoots. Looking for some abandoned areas

to hit for some unique images.


Quirkcon Shoot!

One of the best aspects of Quirkcon was, of course, the vender’s

room. Vendors such as AdornedbyChi, Happy Nerd and Pencil

Merks were all present and has some absolutely amazing artwork

to show off. Shockingly, another familiar vendor was present at the

convention. I have been following these guys for a while and was

ecstatic to see them there.

Quirkcon Shoot!

That’s right, none other than Tuskegee Heira aka (Marcusthevisual)

showed up for the event. Specifically, Greg showed up and was holding

everything down for the company. He provided some great information for

me and words of encouragement with regards to my own business. Thanks

so much again for the words of reassurance.


Quirkcon Shoot!

Last but not least, did I mention I loved the COSPLAYERS! Of

course, I did because I’m a cosplay photographer. I took a decent

bit of pictures, but nothing compared to MOMOCON. But as I said

the interactions were a lot more personal and the conversations

were much longer. I have included several images that I loved from

the convention in this post along with a gallery at the end

containing all of the images from the convention.

Quirkcon Shoot!

I cant wait to attend Quirkcon again next year. I would like to meet

more influencers and definitely do a lot more networking. But as

they say slow and steady wins the race. I hope you enjoyed my

brief look at Quirkcon. If you are in the Raleigh area and are

looking for a fantastic con then do not hesitate to check this one

out. I will certainly be there again and look forward to meeting any

newcomers. Well, that’s it for this post, until next time, stay



Quirkcon 2

Quirkcon 3

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