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KDA-Akali Cosplay

What’s going on everyone? We’re back with another awesome anime post and today I want to focus on Raves. Most convention-goers are no stranger to a good rave. Cosplayers love to prepare well in advance for any upcoming raves and bring a large assortment of glow sticks, space whips, and finger lights. But why not come to the convention In a costume that’s specifically made for raving? There are a ton of characters that have skins that are dying to be cosplayed but will also look great in a rave. So on that note, let’s check out 7 rave cosplays worthy of convention season 2021. 

Arcade Sona 

Sona is an old character that has been around for a very long time. She has gone than several nerfs and buffs along with revamps but still remains popular in the game today. It wasn’t until 2 years after her initial debut that they released the arcade skin for her. This is a great rave cosplay as the entire foundation is already laid for you. You will simply need to construct the outfit and props and your good to go. Actually, the Arcade stick can be found here on etsy

KDA Akali 

Possibly the most popular cosplay on the list, KDA Akali is a perfect rave cosplay as its just begging to have LED lights or neon paint thrown on it. This cosplay is always a pleasure to capture and I would love to do a blacklight shoot with one. I guess ill have to wait for convention season to return for this though. Anyways, this skin was released in 2018 and as I said still remains popular today. Fortunately, this cosplay is not extremely difficult to construct so buying or sewing are great options with the former allowing instant gratification.  

Arcade Miss Fortune 

Next up we have Arcade Miss FortuneSimilar to Arcade Sonaarcade Miss fortune came out around the same time and for some reason didn’t seem to rank as high at conventions as KDA AkaliYou have most likely noticed a trend here with most of the previous 2 characters also being from league of legends. This means of course that you should feel free to put a group together for your next convention. Rave cosplays are always so much better with friends and the memories will certainly be that much greater.  

Let The Heavens Rave Zeus 

Its time to revive the old gods with this cosplay as im sure even the gods enjoy a good party. And who better to be spinning tracks other than the king of the gods himself. That’s right its time to “Let the heavens rave” with this awesome zeus cosplay. Once again I have not hopped on the smite network and given this game a spin but after seeing this character I may need to. Also, I might just be searching in the wrong areas but I have yet to see a rave zeus cosplaying meaning you may just be the first to build this according to instagram


I’ll admit that I knew nothing of this game until I saw a specific cosplayer bust out one amazing cosplay! This was @brown.suga.outlaw and she crafted an amazing Imani that absolutely shook the cosplay world. This cosplay is gorgeous and of course is very well equipped for a cosplay rave. This is because she has glowing blue hands along with glowing crystals that hang from her waist. I’m sure with a bit of research you could have these items constructed in no time. For starters, check out @kamuicosplays L.E.D tutorial and you will be soldering and crafting in no time.  

True Damage Ekko 

Ekko True Damage
Ekko True Damage

Ekko the boy who shattered time is my top pic from the TRUE DAMAGE set. Oddly enough, I do not even play this character. I simply loved his role in the music video. Something about the face paint, jacket and backpack look amazing to me. If you decide to paint yourself with blacklight paint than you will look great during the day and already be ready for the rave that night. His sword is also a perfect rave cosplay prop as it only requires a few L.E.Ds. I was fortunate enough to see @ my_neverending_dreamz cosplay this at katsucon. You can find that video here. 


If your favorite color is purple and you enjoy hacking and disabling your opponents then Sombra may just be the rave cosplay you have been waiting for. Most know how annoying this character can be but all of the malice and ill intent will likely fade away once you see how awesome this cosplay can be at a rave. My thoughts are you could construct some plexiglass skulls and then illuminate them with purple L.E.D.SAlso feel free to attach some purple glow sticks to your cosplay and you are ready to illuminate the night. 


Last but not least we have Liteshow from fortnight. Again, this character is just begging to be cosplayed as his entire suite is just lined with Lumisticks and Blacklight Paint. All you would have to do is grab a black shirt and pants and proceed to place as many Lumisticks on it as possible. This costume can also offer some instant rave cosplay gratification as it will not take an extremely long amount of time to make like the others. Just make sure you do not crack each stick until the rave begins or you will be highly disappointed before the rave even begins. 

League Of Legends True Damage
League Of Legends True Damage

There are a ton of outfits that can be modified to fit the rave cosplay definition but hopefully, these few are a great starting point. If you enjoyed this article feel free to let me know in the comments section below. For other great cosplay ideas, feel free to click HERE! Also, check out my YouTube as it has many great cosplayers on it from various conventions. Thanks so much again for taking the time to check out my site and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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