Street Fighter Cosplays For Your Next Convention

Street Fighter Cospaly
Street Fighter Cospaly
Ryu Ken Street Fighter Cosplay

Hopefully, everyone’s Saturday is going well. Mines certainly is! I woke up worked out and went for my daily run. On these runs, I usually get inspiration for the topics I enjoy writing about. Well, that and the endless number of hours I spent browsing YouTube. But I can with absolute certainty say that today’s topic was a mixture of the two. I recently watched some footage of Smug cooking people in his street fighter highlight videos. This combined with running made me think about several of the Street Fighter characters I have admired over the years. I pondered just how hard one would have to work to obtain some of there amazing skills and reflexes. 

Next, I moved onto what street fighter cosplays I would like to see in 2021 and well that pretty much catches you up on my thought processes. There are several characters to choose from as street fighter has been around since…1987. Some heroes have withstood the passage of time while others have unfortunately faded into the history books. Well, no longer I say. Let’s check out 8 awesome street fighter cosplays that need to make it into the next convention. 


First up we have the classiest character to ever make it into the series. Sure there have been a few other boxers with Balrog being the most notable but he definitely lacks in the gentleman department. Dudley is a world-class boxer that puts his ideology above all. He sports green trousers with bright blue boxing gloves that are sure to leave an impression on his opponents. One of the most overlooked aspects of Dudley is his theme song. I personally believe its one of the best in the street fighter universe.  

El Fuerte 

El Fuerte Street Fighter Cosplay

This was actually my main man in street fighter 4. Playing this character really brought me back to the days of watching ultimate muscle for some reason despite there not being any real similarities. El Fuerte had a badass alternate costume which I greatly preferred over his default look. Please someone cosplay this character with his alternate outfit. I would love to take pictures of it. This is also an amazing chance to cosplay with some of your friends as street fighter cosplay groups are always amazing. 

Juri Han 

Juri Han
Art By Cman75

Believe it or not, Juri Han was actually the first Korean fighter introduced to street fighter. Capcom had received tons of pressure from the gaming community as many of the fans were Korean. They wanted a character they could relate to and thus Juri Han was born. I’m sure you all have seen this character cosplayed at some point in time as her classic pink, black and white outfit is very unique. In particular, @feministchronicles has an amazing Juri Han street fighter cosplay that you should check out for a bit of inspiration.  


G Street Fighter Cosplay

Simply known as G, this character is the self-proclaimed president of the world. He’s also a rather new character just introduced to street fighter 5. I think the directors at capcom admired Abraham Lincoln and wanted to weaponize him. This is the only explanation for why the 16th U.S. president is a badass golden martial arts monster. Lucky for you, his original costume doesn’t require much modification. Simply removed the sleeves from Lincolns costume and you’re good to go. 


Makoto Street Fighter Cosplay-min

Like Dudley, Makoto is one of the badasses introduced in street fighter third strike. Long are the days gone of lining up quarters on an arcade machine but Makotos legacy has not faded. She reappeared in street fighter 4 and was without a doubt a force to be reckoned with. Her appearance is rather simple and only requires one purchasing a yellow headband and of course a karate Gi. This street fighter cosplay would go great for anyone practicing martial arts. You will feel right at home demonstrating them around the convention floor.  


Another newcomer to the street fighter universe, Ed is basically a psychic boxer. Take M.Bison and reimagine him as a boxer and you have EdUnfortunately, his move list and frame data has not made him the most popular character in Street fighter but I still love him. I also really enjoy the way his outfit looks. Its some modified form of Bisons which makes sense as he’s also a part of shadaloo. This is the evil organization seen throughout the street fighter universe always causing trouble. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate anything other than a similar hat for this street fighter cosplay meaning you are going to have to design it from scratch. But it will be totally worth it.  


Sakura Cosplay Street Fighter-min

Next up we have SakuraNo, I don’t mean the one from Naruto, I’m talking about the one from street fighter. Sakura became an avid Ryu follower after watching him win the first world tournament. She’s extremely cute and has quotes like “I’ll be a great fighter one day, just you wait and see”! I only imagine this character becoming both stronger and cuter over the years and hope capcom doesn’t disappoint.   

Laura Matsuda 

Last but not least we have Laura MatsudaThis character has grown very popular as more professional players are beginning to use the character. Believe it or not, shes actually the older sister of the third strike character Sean. Her default costume has grown in popularity at conventions with cosplayers like Misslunarcrow showing her off. I actually enjoy this character’s default costume the most and would love to get some pictures of it when conventions return. 

God knows that this street fighter cosplay list was hard for me to come up with as I love nearly all the characters in the roster. I wanted to avoid popular characters like Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li as almost everyone knows about these characters. Its time to let the underdog shine a bit and get some attention. Thanks so much for checking out my website. For more cosplay information feel free to click HERE! Also, check out my YouTube as it features some great cosplayers. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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