Superhero Workouts

Superhero Workout

In the wake of the coronavirus, I’m sure several of us have become reclusive. Those accustomed to being social butterflies and indulging in after-hour bars are now stuck having virtual conferences with their best friends. Many of us long for our old gym routine lives but unfortunately, we are still unable to return to these amazing germ-infested areas lol. Well worry not, there are several superhero home workout routines that will help quell that work out itch. More importantly, all of these workouts are themed after a particular superhero meaning you can hopefully attain the ridiculous physique that many of our favorite hero’s sport. So, with that being said, let’s check out 8 awesome superhero workouts that can tide us over until the gym reopens. 

Captain America 

First up we have a Captain America inspired workout. Obviously its impossible to achieve the same feats as Captain America as he had a bit of help from a super-soldier serum. For the rest of us, we can at least try to achieve the same appearance.  This workout incorporates a bit of everything and even has levels so you can essentially choose the intensity. You can also modify this workout based on your needs. If you need a bit more time in between sets feel free to take it. Just work your way up to Captain Americas stamina and you will be ready for the return of conventions in no time. 


We all know how overpowered this character is but that’s what makes the series so amazing. There are several videos online showing individuals that have engaged in this workout but none have yet to exhibit the abilities of SaitamaEither way, this workout does differ from the one he listed in the show but that does not take away from its effectiveness. Each activity is supposed to be done for 10 sets but feel free to up or lower this amount based on what you need. Who knows, you may just be the one to finally obtain Saitamas god-like abilities. 


You know this wouldn’t be an amazing list if I did not include one of the most legendary superheroes of all time on the list. Goku has been seen engaging in tons of workouts ever since his debut in Dragon Ball. Everything from training with increased gravity to performing daily repetitive tasks has been shown. Well, since increased gravity training is out and I highly doubt most of us have an extremely heavy turtle shell laying around, this workout will have to do. But, feel free to purchase a Weighted Vest to go along with the routine. It will greatly increase your results! 


This workout almost exclusively focuses on the legs and for obvious reasons. The Flash is the fastest man alive and with this workout, you can hopefully become well, faster lol. Like all of the workouts, you can change the number of reps you do and even add in a bit of running to complement this workout. I personally believe that combining this workout with another that focuses on the upper body will give you a more well-rounded workout. But, if increasing leg strength and endurance is your thing than the Flash superhero workout is certainly for you. 

Black Canary 

As most of us know, Black Canary is one of the most lethal and badass hand to hand fighters the Super Hero World has ever seen. This superhero workout focuses on attack combos and will certainly build your cardio and endurance in the process. She has gone toe to toe with some powerhouses such as Wonder Woman and Hell Hound. Doing this string of combos is unlikely to give you amazing fighting abilities but it sure can help improve any martial arts one is working on or hoping to learn. 


Deathstroke is a rather popular character as I see him at several conventions. He is an absolute beast when it comes to so many things. But for now, let’s stick to why Deathstroke’s superhero workout is for you. This workout is a total body workout and includes things such as pushups, pullups, and planks. This means that you will not exclusively focus on any one area and achieve an overall great physique. I also believe that working towards achieving similar feats as Deathstroke is more realistic as he does not have any “superhuman” abilities. 


Marvel only showed a snippet of this superhero. In the comic book, Valkyrie is an absolute badass. She, like all Asgardians, ages extremely slow, is immune to disease, and is very hard to injure. This superhero workout is sure to help you look younger and ward off disease as exercise is known to have these therapeutic effects.  As an added bonus, Valkyrie is capable of perceiving death. She can’t say how or when it will happen but she does know it will occur. I’m not saying this workout will give you those abilities but who knows what things are achievable at the final level of this superhero workout.  


Last on the list for superhero workouts we have the HulkThis man needs no intro and becoming nearly this strong is only achievable by an elite few in our society. The individuals seen in the strongmen competition are among the strongest in the world but still don’t even compare to the HulkEither way, doing this workout certainly can’t hurt and will hopefully inch you closer to your dreams of Hulk smashing.  

One Punch Man Superhero Workout

Hopefully, some of these superhero workouts can help you achieve those dreams of even becoming 1% like these awesome superheroes. If not well, you can at least say you tried. If none of these workouts appeal to you, make sure you check out some of the other awesome workouts on the Darebee as there are many to choose from. Also, for added motivation, feel free to purchase some of the corresponding attire to really get in the workout mood. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always feel free to check out more cosplay news HERE! Also, my YOUTUBE channel can be found HERE and has some awesome cosplay video so definitely give it a look. Thanks so much again and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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