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Hows everyone doing, Well I have been dropping several pictures on instagram from my trip to Thailand but have yet to actually post the pictures on my site. Well, that ends today. This post is dedicated to all of the pictures I have been promising to post. I wish I could put every single image into this post but we all know thats impossible. But they will be in a gallery at the bottom.

So I will choose a few of my favorites, comment on those and we will take it from there. What do you say? Lets dive into it! For starters, I mainly stayed in Bangkok but also ventured to Thailand to meet a good friend. I absolutely love that fact that other countries have hostels in nearly every single city.

Some are close to the center of the city while other are on the outskirts. I ended up staying in Isanook Hostel in Bangkok. Hotel pries are extremely cheap compared to western standard and booking one wouldn’t have been a problem but I choose to avoid this option. Simple because, you do not get to meet as many people or have as great of stories. 

I was alone the first night but every night after that I was lucky enough to meet people from all over the world. I had the pleasure of meeting a German, Irish  and English  guy in my room some nights and 2 Japanese girls the other nights. Each of them spoke English to some degree and we used a translator when things were not making sense.

Its amazing how similar people are yet how different. I could relate to there problems and them mine. We all just want to make more money, work less and travel the world.

Who couldn’t relate to that? Anyways, breaking free of the hotel, we ended up hitting several stops in one day.  I ended up visiting nearly everything over the course of 3 days. These sites included The Grand palace, Reclining Buddha, Wat Arun, Khaossan Road, Chatuchak Weekend Market and several others.

I don’t want to spoil it for you so ill let my pictures do all the talking. Instead I must admit that I felt as though tons of people in Thailand were trying to scam me.

All the taxes drivers were extremely inconsistent with prices and nearly everything could be bargained or negotiated. If you plan on taking a trip, definitely grab the GRAB app.

It will save you a ton of time, money and headaches. With regards to the temples, they are EXTREMELY packed.

Finding an opening to take a shot without anyone in it was damn near impossible. If you are a fellow photographer definitely get there early. When I say early I literally mean be there as soon as it open. This is your best chance at getting a traveler free shot.

Following wandering around Bangkok and seeing things I both wanted to see and wish I could un-see, I eventually found my way to one of the many malls Bangkok has.

I have never experienced malls of this magnitude. Some of them literally stretched a few blocks and were 7 stories tall. I have never gotten lost in a mall as an adult until I visited Thailand.

I could do my best to explain the size of some of these malls but its something you have to experience first hand. After one floor I was already exhausted and still had 6 more to go.

Long story short, I cut my losses and ended it after the 2nd floor. But, I did venture to the top floor just to say I had been to every single floor and ended up finding an arcade.

Its been so long since I have been in a legitimate arcade with games that do not give tickets. It brought back lots of memories of the early 2000s and late 90s when everyone would hit the arcade to prove their skill.

Mostly because online had yet to really be invented but that’s not the point. I wish I could bring back the old school gaming days but, that’s neither here nor there.  Some videos of that can be found on my FB page.

Another area I want to talk about was Chatuchak Market and Park. Once again, the scale of this market was indescribable. The only way to gain your baring’s was by stepping outside the inner shops and determining where you were in relation to the street.

Well that or read Thai lol. These shops sold everything from food and clothes, to luggage and perfumes. Imagine going to the largest mall you can think of, doubling and making it only one story. This is essentially Chatuchak Market.

Right beside the market was Chatichak Park. I just uploaded a video of my drone flying over the park. This will once again give you an idea of the scale of this park. It was absolutely massive. 

The most interesting or slightly disturbing aspect of the park were the large monitor lizards. These lizard were huge by my standards. I did not get any clear shots of them but you can see them in my video on my FB PAGE.

Once again, they were too big for comfort. Nearing the end of the trip I ended up catching the public buss to  Pattaya. Honestly, I have to say if I ever do return to Thailand I will certainly be spending more time in Pattaya than Bangkok.

I cant put my finger on exactly why I enjoyed Pattaya more but I simply did. Maybe because I felt as though there were less people and the taxi drivers did not haggle or hassle me as much.

I also enjoyed the sea. I spent a good bit of time simply relaxing and watching people. Well should I say they more so seemed to be watching me. But that aside, the best part of the Pattaya was the Floating market and Botanical Garden.

Some of my best images came from these two areas but I would have to say of the two I definitely enjoyed the botanical gardens more.

Oddly enough, one of the main highlights of this park was an extremely large dinosaur exhibit that included dinosaurs from each part of the world. But the main highlight of the park was the cultural show that cost a bit extra but was well worth the money.

Most of the show was not English so you kind of had to infer what was going on from the actors.  Unfortunately, they also had an elephant show where most of the elephants were obviously being mistreated. So I opted out this experience and decided against taking pics with the elephants

This post only summarized most of my trip so feel free to take a look through the pictures to get an idea of the entire trip. There’s so much more I wanted to share but went ahead and decided to cut it short.

Well semi short. If you are planning on taking any trips to Bangkok feel free to ask a question in the comments section below. Id be glad to answer any questions you have and offer some tips. Well that’s it for now, until next time STAY BOUNDLESS!!!

 PS: All of the images can are broken into Galleries of 50 Images, so feel free to check out each one of them.

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