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What’s going on everyone? I am currently hung up on the series The Boys on Netflix. I know I’m late to the party but man oh man is it one hell of a series. It gives us a much different spin on the superhero lifestyle and reflects one that’s much more well, human. These superheroes do not exude excellence at all times and it definitely does not skip out on the visuals. Everything from exploding people to laser vision cutting people in half is on the menu. 

This series came out in July of this year but I’m just now finding the time to check it out. And now that I have seen it, I’m shocked I haven’t seen more cosplays from this show. These are the type of lives that I would imagine superheroes really living. Involved in scandals and sex escapades. Sure, there’s going to be those that walk the straight and narrow but we have seen on numerous occasions that power goes to people’s head. This leads them to sometimes do things that are not exactly superhero-like. So I would like to enlighten a  few who have also not seen the show and those that have as to how and why they should look into cosplaying as some of these super heroes. 

Black Noir 

First up we have Black Noir. This character is a damn near spitting image of snake eyes from GI joe and even has the matching mute personality. I’m sure they have released more information about this character somewhere but for now, he remains a mystery to me. All I know is that he uses ninja tools and martial arts similar to ninjutsu.  I don’t want to give any spoilers away but let’s just say he is an absolute badass. This character makes me really want to see a matchup between him and snake eyes. Though I’m sure we all really know who would win this fight! Side note I couldn’t find this costume so you may be able to modify snake eyes.

The Deep 

Again another copy of Dcs Aquaman but with very different personality and physical differences. So far The Deep has been shown to be capable of breathing underwater and communicating with animals. Unlike Aquaman, he has not been shown to wield a trident or have enhanced strength. He is also a bit of a womanizer well… not a bit just an actual womanizer. He begins the series by doing some rather foul shit to his fellow 7 member Starlight but he gets what’s coming to him in the end. I’m also not sure but think he kinda has some unnatural sexual tendencies towards marine animals but hopefully that will be cleared up in season 2. 


The newest member of the 7, starlight is capable of using beams of blinding light to stun, damage and incapacitate her opponents. This character lived a very sheltered life and it shows in her naïve thought process. She falls for nearly every trick in the book but it greatly contributes to her character development. She starts the series as a naïve superhero believing she can change the world and gradually evolves into a much more self-confident and powerful character. This character has two possible outfits to choose from so feel free to go with the one that you believe looks the best or is most comfortable for you.  

Queen Maeve  

Queen Maeve is very similar to Wonder Woman but nowhere near as overpowered. She cant fly doesn’t have an invisible jet and seems to cap out on the strength charts. None the less, she is a much more mature version of the naïve Starlight. She has been a member of the 7 for a while and has basically stomached everything the world has thrown at her. She dated Homelander for a while but now it seems they’re a lot more in the works than what they have let us know. We really have not seen the extent of her powers but nonetheless I’m sure she’s only rivaled In powers by Homelander 


This was my favorite character in the series and once again they left his status on a cliff hanger. A-Train is a speedster only rivaled by another speedster named shockwave. He, unfortunately, gets addicted to a drug in the series and well it kinda takes a turn for the worst. I really hate how he’s the only black superhero and they make him a drug addict but that’s neither here nor there. I wanted to see this cosplay done at my next convention as I have some ideas as to how I can do some awesome edits with it. If you get someone to match you as POPCLAW Ill love the shoot even more. 


Homelander is the leader of the 7 and is basically a god. He’s completely indestructible and wields powers very similar to that of superman. His outfit wreaks of patriotism though he is the opposite of a patriot. He does some extremely shady and downright wrong things throughout the series which gradually develops his character into the villain instead of the hero. He has laser vision, flight, and indestructibility. He may have an array of other powers that they are saving for season 2 but for now, we can only speculate. 


The final member of the 7 is actually rather difficult to cosplay as considering the fact that his power is to become invisible. He’s skin is made of a material similar to diamonds making him extremely durable and damn near indestructible. Something rather interesting happens to this character in the first few episodes of the series but I do not want to give anything away. I’m sure there’s a way to pull this character off but I am nowhere near creative enough to tell you how to go about this. I also was unable to find his outfit online so you are either going to have to create one or have one commissioned. Sorry about that. 

I can’t express in words how much I loved this series and cant wait to see how it develops. There’s a lot left to explain in the series and I look forward to its continued development. Hopefully, if we show support by cosplaying as the characters the developers will feel the urge to further develop the story. Thanks so much again for checking out my post and feel free to check out more cosplay information HERE! That’s everything for today until next time stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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