The Many Looks of Loki and Cosplay outfits to choose from

I’m a bit late to the party but I’m sure most of you have watched or are watching the first season of Loki on Disney+.  I REALLY HATE that I have to wait for a second season. God knows how long it will take them to actually release it. Even worse, they could announce that they are not going to create another season. That would probably be the worst news since well, they announced there wouldn’t be a second season of Lovecraft country. RIP LOVECRAFT COUNTRY.

Anyways, until the second season is announced, we should go ahead and honor what we have been given with a bit of cosplay right? There were several looks observed throughout the many timelines and I’m sure we’re all itching to cosplay as one of them right? Well, maybe not the alligator. I can openly say that version of Loki does not interest me. So with alligator Loki aside, let’s check out 10 versions of Loki that you should cosplay as.

Original Loki

First up we have the classic version of Loki. This is the version we see in the very first avengers. It’s hard to believe but this movie was released in 2012. More than 9 years ago. Regardless of the amount of time that’s passed. This outfit still looks amazing today and is iconic as Loki has his huge horns in this outfit. We never see their return but I was hoping we would in the loki series. O well, guess I will have to wait until the next cosplay convention.

Dark World Loki

Next up we have Lokis Dark World/ Ragnarok outfit. As you can see this outfit is nowhere near as flashy as the first. The most prominent difference is of course the lack of the large horns. Although I prefer the first, this outfit is still amazing but lacks the glamour and razzle dazzle of the first. In my opinion its much more humbling and reflects that Loki’s main objective is no longer to destroy the avengers and be the ruler of all. 

TVA/Variant Loki

Jumping forward a bit, we arrive at the TVA/variant version of Loki. Nowhere near as flashy, this version is obviously the one seen predominantly in the Loki TV series. Loki finally wears this outfit after he has been stripped of basically everything. His grandiose personality and huge ego have been stripped from his identity as he learns the infinity stones and everything he knew was basically powerless. I believe this change of identity is certainly presented in this cosplay as theirs nothing flashy or shiny about it.

Presidential Loki

We only saw this outfit for a bit but none the less I had to add it to the list. Presidential Loki was seen in the void as he had gathered numerous other versions of Loki to follow him. Spoiler alert, They all of course ended up betraying their leader but isn’t that the nature of a Loki? Im really hoping to see multiple Lokis at Super Galaxy con as making a video of them all would be amazing. If you are reading this and planning a Loki shoot feel free to message me!

Female Loki (Slyvie)

The main antagonist/Hero/destroyer has made her way to the cosplay scene. I have so many mixed feelings about this version of Loki. First I thought she was evil, then took sympathy on her, then was pissed again cause she couldn’t change her nature and destroyed everything. Granted she restored free will but given the damage caused by her decision, I’m not sure free will is a great thing. Regardless I’m looking forward to her return in season 2 and can only imagine the outfits they have in store for us.

Classic Loki

Last but not least we have Classic Loki. Say what you want about Classic Loki but you can’t deny that he wanted all the smoke. He literally conjured all of Asgard as a distraction. I mean who the hell goes that above and beyond for a distraction. Believe it or not, this cosplay is actually more in line with the comic book version of Loki. It’s a perfect homage to the original Loki that many fans knew him as. I, unfortunately, do not know much about this version of Loki but hope they somehow expand upon it as he seemed extremely powerful. Regretfully, I could not find this costume version so you will have to contract it from scratch.

  Each of these outfits represents Loki at different periods of time throughout the marvel universe. We have seen this character blossom from his original conniving and trickster ways into the man that actually cares for and calls others his friends. I guess all it takes is the sweet kiss of death to make us realize we need to be better versions of ourselves.

As you can see there are tons of versions of Loki to cosplay as and I’m sure he will be a hot cosplay as the series has yet to fade from our memories. Make sure you pick up any matching accessories with each costume to really create that authentic Loki feel. Side note if you are really itching to cosplay as Loki the alligator then make that happen. It would be the perfect icing to a Loki cosplay shoot. Thank you guys so much for checking out my site and don’t forget to check out my YOUTUBE. As always, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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