Top 10 Anime Athletes to Cosplay As

Sports anime, a genre that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s really come a long way if we look back. Over the years, we’ve had our share of athletes being featured in anime that showed us just what ‘sports’ are all about. Sports anime shows us the passion one can have for something. The characters don’t want to think about anything else other than hitting a ball all day every day, even when they’re asleep. Portraying the true meaning of hard work and perseverance and making devotion come into the limelight is what their characters are all about. Let’s have a look at some of these anime athletes that represent our love for sports and anime.

10. Endou Mamoru

Let’s start things off with an anime that really reignites that childhood fire and passion. Even to this day we want soccer champion leagues to feature kicks that make fiery lions and blizzard tigers come to life. If I’ve peaked your interest, then read on my friend. Inazuma Eleven provided us with just that! With every new character having his own set of unique skills up their sleeve. All this was made even better by the love, the dedication and the passion Endou had for soccer. This made us have a different perspective when it came to the game, making us see that there’s a lot more to it than a bunch of kicking freaks bumping into each other whilst exhausting their legs.

9. Yowamushi Pedal Makishima

There’s one thing about an anime character being recognizable by the way he/she looks, having a huge sword or giant boots that represent the best the imagination can offer. Always having his/her own unique way of doing things and never letting others tell them what to do. Makishima brought his own style to road racing and showed us that no matter what someone else says, if you like the way you do things then there’s no reason for you to ‘modify’ your ways and ‘means’. Especially if they bring you the best results. Plus, the way he makes sure he stays at the top of his fashion game makes this character a ‘complete package’.

8. Takamura Mamoru

If you want to live a life of just beating the shit out of everyone standing in the ring then Takamura is your man. Takamura is a favorite of all the Hajime no Ippo fans out there. At times it feels like he’s the protagonist rather than Ippo given how their personalities are miles apart from each other. Loving boxing to the very core, making sure he’s in shape as the day of the bout draws near and always making sure his gym comes out on top are staples of Takamuras core. This guy is just something else with so many titles under his belt. Plus, this cosplay is real easy.

7. Sena Kobayakawa

Long before we saw Yusuke Murata making the most brilliant of characters show up on paper, there was Eyeshield 21, a one of a kind anime when it comes to football. There aren’t many football anime out there with only a few to name. The way Sena’s character develops throughout the series allows us to see him ‘grow’ and transition from what he was to what he ended up being. Not many animes display this growth and its just beautiful to say the very least. Plus, I was kind of surprised since not a lot of people knew about this anime. How is that even possible? It’s Eyeshield 21 damn it!

6. Sawamura Eijun

Sawamura is without a doubt one of the most passionate characters when it comes to Diamond no Ace. I mean he’s the protagonist so, it’s a given. But still, going from having no control over his own quirk to practicing a ton before getting it under control has made both this character and series amazing to watch. I wont spoil it for you but he had an encounter, an event, an experience that changed the way he looked at the ball forever. Sawamura’s growth over the 3 seasons of this anime has been a delightful experience to watch. This one’s also pretty easy to get.

5. Echizen Ryouma

Prince of Tennis was featured in Gintama, Saiki K and almost every anime that revolves around the parody element. having seen a lot of references being thrown here and there. Prince of Tennis had dialogues that just never left your head even to this day and skill that made the other anime characters look like they’ve been skipping practice. Echizen Ryouma is the perfect way to bring that dose of nostalgia to a convention and hit everyone right in the feels since seeing the prince himself here in the real world would catch a lot of people off guard.

4. Sakuragi Hanamichi

Long before we saw normal characters getting ‘over the top’ power spikes, making the court look like a deserted wasteland from Dragon Ball was the job of Sakuragi Hanamichi. He stars in the series Slam Dunk. A show that made a lot of people get into basketball. One of the few anime that still hold their ground when compared to the sick modern anime, Sakuragi Hanamichi was and still is the goat when it comes to Sports Anime. Who’s even Kuroko compared to this guy? Choose Sakuragi for your next cosplay.

3. Kagami Taiga

Ayy, we can’t have Sakuragi steal all the glory now, can we? Show this weird brow boy some love too for he’s got a trick or two up his sleeve as well. Ever since day one he, in my opinion, stood out way more compared to the ‘generation of miracles’ or any other 70’s boy band that anime came up with. Never backing down, always making sure he takes on the best of foes even when he’s tired to the very core is what this characters all about. He knows well enough that he’ll never be able to come out on top but I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that this man brought ‘the zone’ to the screen. Let’s be real here, we have to bring him back to the cosplay world.

2. Hinata Shouyo

Haikyuu is the best modern sports anime without a doubt. Watching those competitive kids challenge the king of the court to a game of pass while barely even knowing how to spike surely showed that they had huge egos. But Hinata Shouyo has come a long way now, hasn’t he? With the recent season ending, his growth throughout the series has been extremely inspirational. He has cemented the fact that with hard work and pure dedication, anything is possible. Hinata Shouyo is The hottest cosplay around.

1. Yabuki Joe

We have to give the top spot to the guy who was there when the word anime was complete gibberish. Fighting his entire life and making historical Japan come to light, Ashita, no Joe is much more than just a sports anime. It’s a journey that gives fans a taste of culture and shows how boxing used to be. In addition, Joe created a character who would become a legend always occupying that top spot. Hes an og when it comes to anime for several old timers and new generations to come. This is another cosplay that will hit you right in the feels.

hajime No Ippo
hajime No Ippo

No doubt there are tons of star athletes in the anime world. Some greater than others but all have that competitive spirit. If you have that fighting spirit in you also than feel free to adopt one of these cosplays for your next shoot. Thanks so much for checking out my blog as I greatly appreciate it. For more awesome cosplay news feel free to check out more blog news HERE! Or, if videos are more your thing, definetely check out my YOUTUBE. Thanks so much again and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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