TOP 10 Badass Moments in Anime 2019-2020

castlevania Trevor Belmont
castlevania Trevor Belmont
Castlevania Trevor Belmont

Man O Man have there been some awesome anime clips over the past year. I mean everything from crazy fights to plot twists have sprung up with each being more outstanding than the last. Most of these moments fade into history or are only remembered when a fan walks down memory lane. Well amidst the coronavirus pandemic I have had tons of time to work on both new and old projects. In doing so, I really wanted to look back at a few of the most Badass Moments in Anime from last year and this year. So without further ado, let’s check out some Badass Cosplay Moments. 

Escanor Vs Estarossa 

Starting us off we have one of the most amazing fights to ever grace the Seven Deadly SinsEvery time they flash Escanor across the screen I literally get goosebumps. You know something ridiculous is about to occur. Especially if he’s in his hulking prideful mode. I mean the man literally threw a sun at EstarossaI have seen world-ending attacks and timeline ending events but never someone gets so angry they toss a sun someone’s way. Simply badass!  

Trevor Belmont Vs Night Creature 

I have to first say that Netflix has really been going above and beyond with there animes choices. They have some awesome shows and Castlevania was no exception. Specifically, season 3 when Trevor Belmont pulled out both whips to “No pun intended” whip the night creature into submission. We have seen him use a wide array of weapons but double whips was definitely a first. It was so badass I had to rewind the scene and watch it all over again. I didn’t want to miss any details. 

Deku Vs Overhaul 

This was the most anticipated fight of the year for me. We all knew it was going to happen, we just didn’t know when. Since I do not read the manga, I actually assumed it would have been a tag-team effort between Deku and LemillionBut I should have known Deku would steal the show. I mean he is the inheritor of one for all after all. Regardless, watching Deku use 100% of his power was heart-stopping. I can only imagine what he will be capable of as an adult and with more experience. 

Yuno And Asta Vs Licht 

Every time you think Asta is down and out he is blessed with a bit of writers magic and always finds a way to come out on top. Granted he did need Yunos help in this situation. Honestly, I’m very curious about who is going to become the Wizard KingI just don’t see how Asta could ever match Yuno but for the time being, I will simply appreciate this badass anime moment.   

Tanjiro Kamado vs Rui 

You know I had to include this scene on the list. I mean Tanjiro and Nezuko literally had the shit beaten out of them. His sword was broken along with damn near every bone in his body. Though somehow his leg bones never seem to break. Secretly that’s the real key to taking him down lol. But anyways, the visuals and sheer determination put into this scene was felt with every swing. I still can’t believe we have to wait so long for a second season.  

Garou vs Silver Fang 

This season of One Punch Man honestly wasn’t as good to me but, that ideology certainly did not apply to this fight. There’s just something about watching a teacher discipline his student in the most violent way possible. I’m really shocked that they did not kill Garou after the beating he took this episode.  I mean he literally fended off serval heroes and then like a video game character went head to head with the boss. Thank god the dark souls creators didn’t have a say in this fight.  

Levi Vs Beast Titan 

First, let me say Captian Levi is my favorite character from Attack on Titan. When he got his chance to shine, he certainly didn’t hold back. In previous episodes, we had only gotten a taste of what he was capable of but in this episode, gloves came off. Levi Vs. The Beast Titan was not just amazing because of the visuals. It also let viewers feel a small piece of justice or Karma that was long overdue. 

Tokita Ohma Vs Kure Raian 

For some reason, Kengan Ashura is not one of those series that are commonly mentioned when discussing the greats. Sure it’s not up there with the likes of cowboy bebop or Naruto but it was still a phenomenal series. Ohma had been constantly struggling with his worries about whether or not his fighting was adequate. To watch him finally use moves outside of the advance was a sight to behold. Easily gaining it a spot on the top 10 badass moments list.  

Senku Vs Tsukasa 

Dr Stone

The age-old questions of intellect vs brawn were surely answered in this episode. Well, it was kind of answered. Tsukasa had won the immediate battle of strength but had lost the battle to secure his dominance on the planet. This fight was not as flashy or stylish as many of the others on the list but it was just as important. Had Tsukasa won, there would be no more Dr. Stone and that’s certainly not a world I want to live in. 

Red Riot Unbreakable 

Last but not least we have another scene from My Hero AcademiaThe debut of Red Riot Unbreakable was a sight to behold. Honestly, his new form looked a little demonic and I figured it was going to be used more for offense than defense. Despite the fact that it ultimately failed Eijiro Kirishimait made for one awesome scene upon its debut and was a nice appetizer until Deku could fight Overhaul. 

I could go on and on about awesome anime scenes but for now will leave you with just these 10. Each one was exhilarating and honestly deserves a few more views. The gifs only capture a small glimpse of these awesome scenes and if you have not seen them, man are you in for a treat. As always thanks so much for checking out my post. If you are interested in more cosplay news feel free to click HERE! For the boundless perception podcast click HERE! Check back this week for a brand new interview with a cosplayer episode featuring, of course, another amazing cosplayer. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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