Top 10 characters to cosplay as from Bleach

Bleach being one of the big three, was a title that started out so well and had everyone glued to their television sets during the soul society arc. Everything connected so well that it made you desperate to see the next episode. You know the rest now, don’t you? Well, sure, it lost quite a lot of its steam down the road but hey, it was never as bad as people deemed it to be. Saying stuff like, ‘only watch up till the soul society arc and drop it’ Like what? But with my boy Kurosaki coming back next year, the rest of the anime world needs to watch out since the thousand-year blood war, if animated correctly, would be a contender for the best returning anime series of 2022. Tough competition boys, tough competition. But we have faith in Bleach, right? Let’s commemorate the return of Bleach by ‘summoning’ those very characters to the real world. That’d be the perfect way to say welcome back old friend, I know its been a while. It’s really hard to choose just 10 characters if I’m being honest since the anime is just full of faces that we can’t miss out on. But ill do my best.

10. Sado Yasutora

No, no. No need to look this guy up. He’s the good old Chad we’ve known since the beginning of the series. Internet trends sure have been making us think completely different since, for a long time, I was under the misconception that the word ‘chad’ was actually derived from the Japanese word Sado. I’m still not sure if it does but there’s some type of correlation. Anyways this guy had his moments and we’d love to see a real-life version of the buffed character coming to the convention floor with his squad.

9. Hitsugaya Toshiro

It’s the kid! I always used to say how he’s a way better version of Rukia ever since it was revealed that we had two characters using ice-based abilities. Tite Kubo sure heard my complaints and gave Rukia all of those buffs that made her a completely different character. Regardless, it’s safe to say that Hitsugaya is one of the hot picks when it comes to the gazillions of characters that bleach features.

8. Yoruichi

With the cat flashing her moves in Jump Force as well as being the master of flash step It’d be no surprise to see more of this character in 2022. I commonly see her regular or battle form cosplayed but please bust out the thunder beast battle form. Man o man this form was amazing when it was introduced and seeing it in person would be show-stopping.

7. Byakuya Kuchiki

Sorry Rukia, we’re adding one guy per family and your brother wins for sure. Does anyone disagree? No? No? That’s what I like to hear. Literally, the definition of a badass before Aizen stole that spot for the entirety of the rest of the series. Byakuya for sure is the protagonist of Bleach in an alternate timeline. I have yet to read the manga but if there was ever a time were Byakuya was the villain I would love to see that arc.

6. Kenpachi Zaraki

Why isn’t every character like him? He is the definition of badass and was my favorite character from the entire series. My mans was so strong he had to literally give himself handicaps just to enjoy a fight. I don’t understand why you would fight anyone you know would fade you if they got serious. I would instantly quit the fight as soon as this man stepped on the scene. Id imagine he could do a cross-over into one piece as he already has the eye patch. Swords and the badass coat.

5. Coyote Starrk

The guy makes the other espadas look like bitches. I mean the man shoots zeros from pistols. Who the hell does that? I don’t know how I felt with the whole girl turning into his gun but it does make for an awesome doubles cosplay. You could be Coyote Starrk and your partner could be Lilynette Gingerbuck. I have personally never seen this combo in person at a convention and would love to get a few videos and pictures of it.

4. Ulquiorra

The only character who was able to give Kurosaki a run for his money initially, he simply looks badass. Now that I really take a look at him, his face paint makes him look like an anime version of the Joker. Another awesome aspect of this character is that he has multiple forms to cosplay as. But let’s be honest, we all know we want to cosplay as his final form. You can even bring back that iconic fight scene during a convention and certainly get a few 1000 views on your tiktok page. Or not I don’t know, just hoping for the best here.

3. Grimmjow

Making one of the best fights come to life, Grimmjow was a villain that everyone loved to the core. It’s one of those Vegeta cases without the guy ever coming to the good side. But the climax of that fight was something else and the perfect way to seal the deal. Side note I never did figure out a way to properly pronounce his last name. Jaegerjauez is a name you will either remember for all time or forget on the spot. Either way you’re likely to never actually pronounce it correctly.

2. Aizen Sosuke

The top two spots are always reserved for the duo. But I’m guessing you already knew that. Aizen, a character who went from zero to a hero in an instant. People thought of him as a frail library nerd and he instantly transformed into the biggest badass in the series. Kind of like that moment in Naruto when Toby transformed into Obito Uchiha. I really don’t understand how these characters go through such a transformation overnight but I believe if we can master this ability, we can go from poor to rich overnight.

1. Kurosaki Ichigo

With so many forms to choose from, it’s going to make it hard for you to decide which version of this character you will want to be. But at the same time, you can come up as a gang of ‘Ichigos’ that would put the shadow clone jutsu to shame. The only form that I believe would be extremely difficult to pull off would be his hollow form with the horns and tail. But I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem for amazing cosplayers such as yourself.

Thank you guys so much for checking out my post. Hope you enjoyed it and will consider cosplaying a few of the characters from this series. I really enjoyed it and look forward to everything the 1000 year wars holds in store. If you loved this post feel free to leave a comment below. But if videos are more you’re thing, feel free to check out my Youtube Channel HERE. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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