Top 10 characters to cosplay as from My Hero Academia

I first came across the name back in 2016. Surprisingly, I had never heard of the manga which is just crazy now that I think about it. But I swear the moment the first episode was out, I heard so many people saying the exact same words for some reason. Those very words being, ‘If done right, this could be the next Naruto’. Pretty sure everyone arrived at a similar opinion cause man the internet was buzzing. Now with the show about to get its 5th season, we’ve sure come a long way. Most of the time, with shonen jump anime it’s just a marathon where the characters take breaks from time to time, you know when the fillers kick in.

 Now, with so many characters to choose from, the series is inclining and gravitating more towards the true ‘shounen’ way of doing things, having a huge universe of characters that makes it all the harder to pick favorites. But we’re here today to help you with that and count down to the top 10 characters to cosplay as from My Hero Academia. Let’s make sure we’re broke by the time we’re done with this list, okay?

10. Tetstetsu Tetsutetsu

This has always been something I wanted to do myself. That whole silver look, as if you had a near-death experience and drowning in that pool of silver paint has steadily become a life goal. This character has not gotten a ton of attention in the anime but thats okay. A Tetsutetsu cosplay is the perfect way to stand out and show this character some love cause the other names are just way too busy hogging all the glory for themselves.

9. Kyoka Jiro

Ever since day one, she’s had that unique ‘swag’ about her which draws a ton of attention. Plus, she’s in my opinion ‘trying’ nowhere near as hard when compared to the rest of the female characters. She definitely rocks that punk rocker look and brings all the stereotypes and fan service elements that the younger crowd loves to see. She has a bunch of outfits to choose from so pick one that suits your style the most and doesn’t make you look elsewhere for inspiration or approval.

8. Mineta

Another one of the ogs, we just can’t miss out on this naughty little kid who refuses to give up on his constant endeavor to be the ultimate perv. Imagine thinking this when you’re staring some deadly villain in the eye ready to beat you to a pulp. Even the shinigami reconsiderd a life or death situation. Now that I think about it, Mineta is the only character that can pull this off. It would be super creepy if they cast someone similar to All mights build to the role of perv.  Such a creepy thought.

7. Aizawa Shota

Aizawa Shoto is a character we have all come to know and love. But he kinda looks like he secretly wants to cosplay as a mummy. He has bandages and is always enclosing himself in a sleeping bag similar to a coffin. This is a win win as you will technically be pulling off two cosplays with one outfit. This aside, he always looks tired which is great as most people usually look this way at conventions due to tons of drinking and partying.

6. Dabi

We have to bring in the coolest guy from the ‘league of villains’, no? Plus, with his face paint and those ‘piercings’, you’re sure to scare some kids away. But on the other hand, that very same thing can make you a strong candidate for that cosplay award that everyone out there wants more than anything. It’s just tough to make a decision now that we have already given you 4 great characters to choose from.

5. Uraraka Ochaco

The best girl in the show hands down. Actually, I take that back now that I really think about it lol. It’s hard to make a decision as there all so cool. Anyways, now that I’ve triggered your competitive side, that pink and white color scheme is a great combo when it comes to costumes and the hair is extremely doable. It doesn’t require a bunch of money to be spent at the salon and the wig is reasonable. Budget wigs are something which characters like Cloud Strife are definitely not known for.

4. Deku

It was only logical that the next character on the list be Deku as he is always around and protecting his girl. I haven’t read the manga but I really look forward to a whole Naruto and Hinata situation happening. It would be great as I love when characters develop, fall in love, and eventually make an entirely new series. Anyways, His hero costume is pretty good for cosplays and I’m pretty sure you’ve seen countless people walk around in it cause people love Deku. Might as well join the club now that you have both the time and the stimulus checks for it.

3. Todoroki

The half and half guy is loved by all the fans out there. He’s got that personality and that hero dress that isn’t very different from the regular school outfit so yeah, that’s a plus. With the wig and that face paint tossed in as well, the cosplay looks extremely good. I’m sure you have seen tons of Todoroki cosplays with several people putting their own unique spins on the outfit. I’m not sure if you guys have seen the cosplay skit where the guy uses a fire extinguisher to imitate sub zeros ice but, I want to see someone make this happen with Todoroki.

2. Bakugo

Art By Spukycat

I had to give him second place but man was it a tough decision. His cosplay is probably the one I see the most from MHA. The color scheme and just overall aesthetics of this cosplay is really unrivaled in the MHA universe. Bakugo has one of, if not the sickest costumes we have in the show. He is someone everyone would want to dress up as. You should also take it to the next level and mimic his voice lines while making sure you emulate that exact murder voice tone that he has. Be sure to visit a doctor for that if you really want to go all out lol.

1. All Might

All might
All might

The symbol of Justice, Plus Ultra, Major Man from the Power Puff Girls, All Might is literally all of these combined into one. All might has shown us true justice and righteous nature to its very core. He strives to do everything both fairly and flashy. I mean, his united states of smash nearly put me into cardiac arrest. What’s more important though is that he helps aspiring kids from all walks of life truly believe that anything is possible. It would be funny to see someone switching between the two forms but I don’t know how that would be possible unless you have a body double.

Well there you have it, 10 awesome cosplays to choose from if MHA is your show of choice. Thanks so much again everyone for checking out my site. I would love it if you could also check out my YouTube as I’m always working hard to improve it and bring you guys new content. That’s going to do it for today, until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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