Top 10 characters to cosplay as in 2021

With the way 2020’s been, I’m pretty sure we’ve got a whole lot of things we want to do, things we want to return to as soon as the whole ‘situation’ gets better and we’re finally able to get back to ‘normal’ people living ‘normal’ lives. And a normal anime and manga fan sure loves him/her some cosplay, no? Good thing we’ve got a multitude of characters to choose from given the 2021 lineup is looking pretty strong. From returning shows, here again, to steal the spotlight for themselves to new faces that we’ve seen only on paper, there’s just a lot of hype and excitement. With that being said, let’s look at some of the best characters to cosplay as in 2021.

10. Iwatani Naofumi

It’s been a while since we’ve seen our good old shield guy. This show, caught us completely off guard a few years ago with it’s unique and innovative approach to the whole isekai theme. It’s safe to say that Iwatani wasn’t a favorite from the get-go considering how the show started out with him being ‘caught up’ in an unusual turn of events. All those RPG elements started rolling in as we dived deeper into the story. Surely making us remember those good old days when we used to sit on our asses and play final fantasy all day on the NES and SNES. Don’t, I’m going to cry. With Tate no Yuusha (The rising of the shield hero) making a comeback next year, it’s the perfect time to bring this character’s card back from the bottom of the deck and surprise all the new kids out there.

9. Mari Illustrious Makinami

You know, a lot of people waited and weren’t able to view the same psychological mind-boggling experience from a different perspective cause the movie took forever to come out. It’s been 9 years damn it! But we sure are excited for it, right? With Mari being introduced into the rebuild series, seeing a new character was a pleasant surprise. Seeing Shinji Ikari in a ‘pinch’ and with Asuka always trying to be the ‘center of the attention’, Evangelion was beginning to be a bit too ‘bland’ if I make sense. The new movie would let us know more about the pilot, making her the perfect new ‘waifu’ to cosplay as.

8. Asakura Hao

2021 might be the year of the biggest anime returns. The studios sure know that 2020’s been one of the worst years of our lives and they’re trying to make us forget it or something. Massive respect. With Shaman King back in the house, it’s like we’re that 8-year-old kid again making all those fights play out in real life since everyone was such a huge fan of the show at the time. A blast from the past, cosplaying Asakura Hao is the perfect way to make everyone remember the legacy that was long forgotten since it for sure is one of the best titles that got featured in the shounen jump magazine.

7. Rimuru Tempest

Never did I think I’d see that good old dragon quest slime jumping all over the place again. But trust me, this slime is totally different from that old dragon quest slime! With the show making a return this January, I’m pretty sure everyone’s super excited for it and would love to bring Rimuru Tempest to the conventions for the world to see.

6. Kobayashi Kanna

Kobayashi Kanna is the cute little dragon who just melted our hearts the moment she appeared on the screen. Man, she’s so adorable! I always wanted to see more of what those dragons were up to. They had all these adventures with Kobayashi but there wasn’t any rumor going on about the show making a comeback. But, don’t underestimate the power of 2021! I’m pretty sure that’s been made clear at this point.

5. Shiroe

The anime that did it first, that brought the ‘game’ to the screen and made it play out without missing out on any of the mechanics, the anime that cemented the isekai genre and made it blossom into the flower we appreciate today was none other than Log Horizon. The guy behind all of this was of course Shiroe. To cosplay as him marks the return of one of the best shows that didn’t get a sequel. Well, it did but it didn’t get it ‘once more’. Now it’s here and we can expect a lot more from the genius specs nerd who just can’t stop amazing us.

4. Kurosaki Ichigo

One of the big three has returned to the list! My Hero Academia, your time at the top of the shounen pillar is over for the old king is back to take the throne that was his from the very beginning. With all the rumors being spread around over the past few years in addition to getting no ‘official’ news from Kubo himself, a lot of us thought that the chick-haired yelling boy wouldn’t be returning to getsugatenshou anyone ever again. I have to say that move’s just too cool. Bring out the big guns with this Kurosaki Ichigo cosplay in 2021.

3. Gintoki

The king of parody is here. Humor unlike any anime out there, Gintama has been in the business for a while now. It just keeps coming back over and over again making us think it was an alternative One Piece where parody was the main subject of the show. This time might be the last ‘reunion’. Better take this opportunity and use the hype to make the cosplay look all the better. When it comes to Gintama, you have to completely switch your thought process and prepare for the unexpected.

2. Denji

Who’s this you might ask? Don’t say that the chainsaw in your garage turned on all of a sudden, right? Yes, stay quiet and look him up before anything bad happens. Denji is one of the best cosplays for Halloween or any themed party you have in 2021, Denji would be a completely new look for everyone out there making the likes of Kaneki and Koro sensei look a little dated.

1. Ishigami Senkuu

Einstein won’t be beaten by anyone but Senkuu could definitely give him a run for his money. Combining all those complex formulas and elements while making them produce the desired results is what we love about Dr. Stone. I mean the show actually gave us the steps to make gunpowder. Mind-blowing right? With the anime now returning this January, get ready to bring back the good old E=mc2 and walk around the convention floor in that loose outfit cause Dr. Stone has returned!

There are so many anime making returns along with new series that you will surely have a plethora have cosplays to choose from for 2021. Just take it slow and focus on one at a time and you will surely get through your cosplay goals. Thanks so much for checking out my blog on 10 cosplays to choose for 2021. For more awesome cosplay news check out the rest of my blog HERE. Or, check out my YOUTUBE channel if animation is more your thing. Happy 2021 everyone and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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