Top 10 characters to resurrect via cosplay


It’s just really painful to see someone you’ve known for so long disappear. Right after you had developed that strong connection and everlasting bond with them, all of a sudden, they aren’t there and all that’s left is a memory. The worst part is that you can’t do anything about it. We’ve had our share of sad deaths when it comes to anime where the character you grew to love received the worst death imaginable, R.I.P Jiraiya. It seems the worst of things always happen to the nicest of people. Unfortunately, the power of the dragon balls are ‘restricted’ to one anime universe =(.

But, We’ve come up with the perfect solution! A technique that everyone can use to bring their favorite characters back to life. It transcends the boundaries separating the world of fiction from the world of reality. This technique is to become that which is gone. AKA to become the character in the form of cosplay. On the bright side, no transmutation circles or taboo experiments are involved. So, let’s get ready to resurrect some of the faces we never had the chance to say that final goodbye to.

10. Kite

A rather anorexic-looking character with one of the best techniques in the entire Hunter X Hunter universe. Seeing kite and Gon talking about all sorts of things made it look like Gon had finally found someone he could open up to, someone who understood him way more than anyone else. But the ants, the ants made sure they twisted the Hunter X Hunter universe, screwing it real bad. The rage followed by that confrontation with the ‘puppet’ bread a character of a legend. But in this moment, you can also feel this poor boy’s pain. Make sure you give this cosplayer a hug when conventions return.

9. Jonathan Joestar

One of the most determined Joestars to ever grace the lineage, Jonathan, unfortunately, did not get the pleasure of experiencing old age. Ever since the beginning, Dio made sure things went south for him. Dio made sure he never found happiness and prosperity in his life. He humiliated him in nearly every manner possible. Thinking about others till the very end, this man was pure and righteous to the very core. Unfortunately, we never got to see Jonathan and Erina have their ‘own story’, but we can hope for a spinoff, right? Surely this is a romance we would have loved to see through. While you’re at it, get a group together and just do an entire reunion with all the joestar characters.  

8. Lawliet L

Making sure everyone’s mind was blown every time he’s on the screen, the guy was literally the GOAT until the writer started getting tired of drawing his hair every other panel or so. That’s the only explanation I can come up with cause let’s face it, Death Note without L wasn’t even Death Note. The anime didn’t even reveal his real name cause what’s the fun in that, right? Make sure you hold your phone and sit in that manner as well. We want the whole shebang and for the cosplay to be as accurate as possible.

7. Nighteye

One of the very few people who had such a close bond with the symbol of justice himself, a guy who acted tough but deep down held great respect and kindness for anyone who sought his assistance. Nighteye always made sure the word hero wasn’t taken lightly and the duties of a savior were performed with the greatest of responsibilities. Giving us Lemellion and making Midoriya a better hero overall. The episode where he’s just lying there in the bed speaking his last lines just brought tears to everyone’s eyes.  Sure our time with him was short, but the bond we developed will never fade even for a million years. Catch Lemellion and Deku by surprise with this costume.

6. Menma

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day threw all kinds of things at us. From schizophrenia to every character being a victim of the guilt of not being able to save their dear friend in the past. That guilt really stretched threw the screen and haunts me to this very day, despite having me having nothing to do with the series lol. The way they told the story and the progression of the series was flawless. It was just beautiful storytelling! In addition, the way the anime puts an end to everything with those messages and that music. If this series didn’t make you cry, then you should voluntarily submit yourself to the FBI because you’re definitely a serial killer. On second thought, don’t cosplay as these characters because I’m not so sure I can stand seeing them again.

5. Erwin Smith

Curiosity is an amusing thing. It can force you to lose or gain everything at a moments notice. That random flip of the fate coin can literally decide your entire life. Erwin Smith tested fate but unfortunately paid the ultimate price. He proved to be one of the most vital soldiers in the war against the Titans. Humanity rarely produces such amazing individuals as even in his last moments, made sure that Armin got that titan serum. The perfect reunion at a convention would be with Levi and Hange embracing one another. That’s surely a picture I would love to take.

4. Spike Spiegel

We’ve seen the bounty hunter survive on nothing but peppers for a whole 20 episodes. The series makes him look like a broke guy who just runs out of luck whenever he needs it the most. But as the series was reaching its conclusion, we saw Spikes luck run out. The final fight in this series was vicious followed by the ending which made us all feel incomplete. Spike Spiegel is a character that I miss way more than I should and the quote “see ya space cowboy” has lived in my mind rent-free for years.  

3. Neji Hyuga

One of the characters we had seen so much of throughout the series, Neji was a fan favorite despite him not having his ‘defining’ moment. When it came to the Naruto roster, Neji was actually my favorite. But they decided to take him far before they should have. Before he died, he made sure to place his name among the grates by saving the future hokage. You can feel him holding back his tears when he yells ‘Medical Team!!’. God I haven’t seen that scene in so long but remember it like it was yesterday.

2. Kamina

A mecha anime that had fans going crazy ever since its air date, the audacious fearless Kamina was a fan favorite. No one could have ever seen that timeless scene in which Kamina was snatched away from us. Kamina dying was just not something I was prepared for nor expected that early. Simon definitely seemed more likely to leave us than Kamina. His shriek followed by maintaining his unique style to the very end burned this death scene into everyone’s memory for all eternity.

1. Portgas D. Ace

Oh! How we would’ve loved to see more of the flame-wielding pirate. But when the writers have made up their mind, theres nothing you can do. Luffy tried his best to do everything right. He left no stone unturned and still in the end, Akainu was there to destroy one of his most valued possessions. AAAACCCCEEEE! Pretty sure everyone yelled this in unison back then during the marineford arc. They need to bring a revive fruit into the series so we can bring Ace back. If only for a day, I would kill to see Ace, Sabo and Luffy united just one more time.

Unfortunately, character deaths are a part of the game. You have to simply roll with them or you would never be able to move past certain episodes. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that they are any easier to stomach when they happen. Just know that no character is safe in the anime world, and this will help prepare you for ill fates that will bestow them. Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I greatly appreciate the dedicated viewers that constantly check out my work. For more awesome cosplay news and fun feel free to check out my YOUTUBE Channel. Thanks again and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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