Top 10 coolest characters to cosplay as:

Sometimes we’ve got to go overboard with the cosplay, bringing out the big guns just to make sure all eyes are on us and we’re the center of attention. If you’re someone who wants the spotlight all to him/herself, the camera flashes chasing you all day when you turn up in a cosplay, then these characters are just what you need. Each and every one of them makes the word ‘cool’ seem like a huge understatement. So, let’s get ready to have all eyes glued on us and look at the top 10 coolest characters you can cosplay as to become the star of the show in an instant.

10. Hisoka

I never would have imagined a clown making so many girls drool. Imagine being a kid and he’s the only clown you’ve ever seen since you obviously haven’t had a chance to visit the circus. ‘Mommy, that guy’s not funny at all you scream, he’s scary! Well, that’s the clown you signed up for when you invested in Hisoka. With Hunter X Hunter being so large and full of characters that everyone just loves to cosplay as, Hisoka stands in a league of his own. Sure in the clown world the Joker takes the cake with his crazy and mysterious character being something that just wins everyone over. But, having the ability to make every situation go in your favor is something we haven’t seen from a lot of characters, and none of them were clowns to say the very least.

9. Judal

I mean Judals way taller than most of the other characters so that makes him extremely intimidating right? It’s no contest. But still, his character just overflows with power, making sure to wreak havoc across the battlefield as he smashes as many people as possible only to assert his ‘dominance’. All that in addition to one of the best voice acting performances make this character look like a complete badass. Plus, the fun part about him is that you don’t even have to try that hard to pull off the look. Well doing those eyes would be difficult but it’s not something impossible like doing Pyramid head and getting microcephaly by the end of the day, right?

8. Satoru Gojou

One of the newest reveals to the anime universe was extremely brutal. This was shown constantly throughout the series. Sure, Satoru was a bit much with his easygoing attitude and complete mastery over the ‘art of not giving a simple fuck’. But removing that patch, getting a makeover, and going all Kpop all of a sudden was just too much. when it comes to cosplaying as this guy, you’re in luck as he doesn’t really require that much. Get yourself an all-black jumpsuit and a bandana to cover your eyes and your good to go.

7. Aizen

Going from a nerd who gets bullied during recess to the king himself, this guy sure got that transformation we all hope for when we get older. He was impeccable throughout the entire series with the story plot screwing him in the end. Aizen is one of, if not the coolest characters when it comes to Bleach. I mean I’ve seen people who’ve fainted just by listening to his marvelous voice acting performance so yeah, you get my point. Running into an Ichigo and making some cool interactions play out at a convention would definetely make this cosplay that much better.

6. Todoroki

Todoroki is one of the few people in the series with two quirks. Ever since he was introduced, he’s shown to have that undeniable swag that makes him stand out compared to the rest of the crowd. This guy doesn’t need a flashy outfit to show he means business. With his quirk half-hot/half-cold he can literally freeze and burn you to death. Combine this with his genius-level intellect along with a few repressed father issues and you have yourself one badass cosplay.

5. Senku

This guy right here is literally bringing the world out of the dark ages. His intellect definitely rivals that of Todoroki but he surely lacks in the fighting department. This guy makes every astrologist, physicist, and mathematician look like a complete joke. Senku is undoubtedly one of the most OP characters anime has ever seen. But then again, he’s not finishing bouts with a single punch or turning blonde all of a sudden so yeah, he for sure won’t be included in other OP anime character lists. But don’t worry Senku, we acknowledge your accomplishments and know you’re the real MVP.

4. Sasuke Uchiha

This guy just never gets a break. Having been ‘that cool kid’ ever since day one, it’s not surprising that everyone wants to kiss him ;). You guys remember that episode right lol?. Sasuke Uchiha in my opinion still pales in comparison to Itachi and I believe in perfect condition and health Itachi would still be triumphant. Anyways, Sasuke may have changed his goals but he was still the same old Sasuke all the way through Naruto. He rarely lost his cool and did not succumb to the kindness and warmth every heart possesses. Sasuke is definitely a contender for the coolest character spot and I’m sure will be cosplayed for years to come.

3. Spike

Even with his goofy character and being broke all the time, it’s an undisputed fact that Spike makes smoking look extremely cool. Theres just something about his demeanor and personality that makes you hate but love him at the same time. Being a badass while having class is like having your cake and eating it too. Spike sure does, having the best of both worlds. A perfect cosplay choice to make the real OG fans come out and show why Cowboy bebop is one of the greatest animes of all time. You know what, let me go find my Cowboy Bebop movie and watch it for old time sake.

2. Sakamoto

This guy exemplifies cool in a very different aspect than the other characters on the list? He may be a bit late to the party but thats no reason to count him out. It’s funny how awesome this character is as he’s just trying to understand human interactions and social structure. Its ironic that in his quest so many people have begun to look up to him though they know they can never achieve his greatness. What others seek, and do everything in their power to achieve, this guy has basically stumbled into. Im not sure if this is due to his intellect or demeanor but either way, Sakamoto is a great cosplay choice.

1. Levi Ackerman

Oh boy, oh boy. A character who’s been the face of the show ever since his sick reveal back in 2013. Levi is a character who makes the main character look like a failed choice. He’s one who accidentally hogs all of the glory for himself while doing nothing other than breathing and fighting to save humanity. Levi is definitely the coolest modern character as theirs nothing nobler than fighting to save both you’re friends and humanity. I’m very curious to see what the new season has in store for him as our last run in for him was very memorable. Actually, far more memorable for the beast Titan.

Wallpaper By Sakimichan

There are so many anime out there and so many cool characters to choose from that limiting the list to this 10 would be absurd. I’m sure you guys have tons of other characters in mind and I cant wait to see them when conventions open back up. Thanks so much again for checking out my site as I greatly appreciate it. For more fun check out the rest of my BLOG and YouTube. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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