Top 10 scary anime characters to cosplay as for Halloween or Conventions

Okay, we get it. No need to point it out. We know you’re already thinking it and that’s when will Halloween return. As of today, you have 165 days until the return of one of the best holidays of the year. I’m sure you have been planning your costume since this year maybe the return of Halloween parties But just in case you’re a bit stumped I have you covered. The characters featured in this post don’t look all that ‘terrifying’ when they’re on the screen cause we’ve just gotten so used to seeing them. But man oh man do these character costumes make you look totally horrendous and abhorrent. That’s exactly what we’re going for right? So, let’s get ready to scare everyone this year as we walk you through 10 of the scariest characters you could cosplay as.

10. Kaneki Ken

The good old semi ghoul just can’t get a break. But he sure wouldn’t mind scaring a bunch of people here in the real world. No one would want a mask like his to come in front of them, especially when they’re walking home at night, and recognize which series this character is from. Know that I think about it, bumping into anyone from the Tokyo Ghoul universe would be unpleasant. The only reason Kaneki is so low on the list is because some of the other characters are absolute savages. He has done some terrible things but he certainly isn’t the worst character to run into when walking down a dark alley.

9. Hisoka

Alright, I’m gonna come clean. I’ve always been afraid of clowns despite me never having had any kind of a bad experience with one. But we all can agree that something about this anime joker just feels off even if you’re someone who thinks of ‘Open Season’ when the word Hunter X Hunter is brought up in a conversation. With the face paint and that pale zombie look going hand in hand with that K-pop hair, people sure wouldn’t want to see any of the ‘card tricks’ he has to offer.

8. Rui

With Demon Slayer being such a hit, we’ve got to bring out the big guns. Making that iconic ‘Episode 19’ even more memorable and astounding, it’s safe to say that Rui is a character that everyone knows about. That makes it the perfect time to put those spider webs to work. You know, the ones that everyone seems to have and every store seems to offer as soon as Halloween is mentioned.

7. Ryuk

Yagami Light is scary on the inside, especially when the ‘pen’ takes over. But on the outside, it’s pretty clear that he’d certainly attract more people than he would terrify. There’s just nothing scary-looking about this character! But, the same cannot be said for his ‘partner in crime’ Ryuk. Now with Ryuk, mimicking those eyes is going to be a real hassle. But the rest of the outfit is well… going to be difficult as well lol. Getting his hair right will take a bit of effort but on the bright side finding an apple should be rather easy.

6. Shigaraki

After seeing overhaul I’m not so sure Shigaraki is as badass as he thought. Sure he looks sinister with all of the decapitated hands all over but he’s demeanor isn’t as brutal as overhaul. But here in the real world, a guy with all these hands attached to him sure is going to look like someone who people don’t want to shake ‘hands’ with even after the ending of the pandemic. You’ll need a lot of accessories for this one but with enough dedication and time, I’m sure you will get it done. Here are a few links to get you started and hopefully one step closer towards a shigaraki cosplay.

5. Izumi Shinichi

This one’s the perfect ‘2 in 1’ cosplay if you ask me. Sure, you can pretend to be the good boy who’s got the glasses on and is normal. But take the glasses off and bring out ‘migi’ and people will instantly have a different opinion of you. Parasyte the maximum wasn’t exactly terrifying, but the idea that humans are no longer at the top of the food chain would certainly rattle a few feathers. Then again so would seeing someone’s hand split into a ton of blades.

4. Touka Kirishima

We gotta show some love to the rabbit herself. The whole ‘parasyte’ thing holds true right here as well with that innocuous bunny mask hiding that eye that’s even deadlier than the ‘sharingan’. It’ll be perfect if you got her kagune right and pairing this with a Kaneki Ken cosplay would be even better. Definitely a photo opportunity I would not pass up.

3. Medicine Seller

One for the OG’s, this one’s perfect to pull in the scares. But, for this cosplay im going to really need you to act the part. That’s because his immediate appearance definitely won’t scare anyone. It Would be really cool if you emulated the accent as well since that would hit people with those colorful, mind-boggling sequences from the anime.

2. Gasai Yuno

We have to make sure we’ve got some psychopathic kids in the picture as well because what is Halloween or any scary event without a few psychopathic children. Sure, you could make Yuno look like a normal Japanese school girl, perfect e-girl as they’d say. But wrap up a few bandages and go a little crazy with that red paint and BOOM! You’ve got yourself the perfect yandere, the girl everyone is terrified of.

1. Lucy

Last but not least we’ve gotta give a little love to Lucy from Elfen Lied. This anime brought so much blood and gore to the screen I nearly had to look away. In addition, a lot of people know who she is. Her character is just something id imagine not a lot of people would be comfortable standing next to. Especially if you were covered with blood and other human remains. It’s the perfect cosplay for all the cosplayers out there and would surely give the fans a blast from the past.

So there you have it, some of the scariest cosplay characters to ever grace the anime seen. Sure there are more terrifying characters to look at but the actions of these individuals speak for themselves. They have all done some things that would make even the hardest criminals’ worst crimes look like misdemeanors. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this list as much as I enjoyed making it! Thanks so much again for checking out my site. If you would like to see more cosplay articles feel free to click HERE. If videos are more your thing, check out my YOUTUBE as i’m sure you will not be disappointed. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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