Top 10 Strangest Anime Characters That are Worth Cosplaying!

Anime is a unique medium that was considered a niche hobby for the longest time. But now has gone mainstream, and after gaining so much notoriety, some of the strangest and weird anime characters have come to light. Some of these characters are bizarre, out of the ordinary, and others are just outrageous. Nonetheless, even though these characters are weird, they provide some of the most exciting and memorable cosplays in anime that you can’t help but fall in love with.

So, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Strangest anime characters and see which bizarre characters can you cosplay at your next anime convention. 

Hisoka (HunterXHunter)

Art By L.amp3r

Hisoka is that clown that you should never get close to. He is a well-known psycho maniac who has a lot of violent tendencies. He is a weird, strange character, but one thing that makes Hisoka stand out from any other anime character is that he is not normal. Hisoka is many things and just one thing at the same time. He is a clown, with a very unique and over the top psychotic personality at that. He can be funny, murderous, and kind at the same time.  Perfect for anime cons, as some might add. 

Puri Puri Prisoner (One Punch Man) 

Puri Puri Prisoner is an S Class Hero from the infamous series One Punch Man. While he is not the main focus of the show, his tendencies, just like Hisoka, has our full attention. Although he is a hard character to cosplay because he has an extremely toned, and muscular body. But, if you can pull him off, you will be the center of attention anywhere you go. Puri Puri Prisoner loves men and keeps a harem of men in his prison. And might I add, he has been given life imprisonment because he is well known for forcing himself on men. 

Giorno Giovanna (JoJo Part 5: Golden Wind)

“I, Giorno Giovanna, have a Dream” Chances are that, if you are an anime fan, you have heard of that quote and this character. Giorno wants to be a Gang Boss, and his flamboyant character design is in line with that dream. While he is a startling and seemingly more normal shift from the previous two entries, but to think of him in anything less than strange is a disservice to his character. He is a Japanese born Italian Mafioso from JoJo Part 5: Golden Wind and is one of the most beloved anime characters out there. 

Okabe Rintaro (Steins Gate) 

Everyone is familiar with the term mad scientist in normal media, but in anime, only one person dominates the mad scientist Persona. And that is Okabe Rintaro from Steins Gate. While Okabe is a questionable scientist like the rest of the scientific community, he is eccentric and over the top aberrant at that. And that says a lot when you consider that the scientific community is already filled with strange individuals. Okabe, although, looks very normal, well somewhat normal, is far from it. He may not be evil, but his evil laugh has become iconic and quite well known in the anime community. 

Emporio Ivankov (One Piece) 

Next, we have Emporio Ivankov from One Piece. He is the King of the Kamabakka Kingdom and is one of the great commanders of the Revolutionary Army. Emporio Ivankov has the power of the Horm-Horm fruit, which allows him to change his own and anyone else’s gender at will by injecting that gender-specific hormones in their body. He is also known as the Miracle Person and is most famous for his Flamboyant character design. Both male and female cosplayers can cosplay as the Emporio Ivankov because of his gender-fluid character design and unique devil fruit ability. 

Sunny (Toriko) 

Sunny from Toriko has one of the most outspoken and exuberant character designs in anime. While there are other stranger characters on this list, Sunny is special. He is one of the Four Heavenly Kings, who can be a bit creepy sometimes. His Rainbow hair is his most iconic feature, and his personality can be described as unique with a pinch of pride. He has an exceptionally unique character design that anyone can discern from a great distance, making him a recognizable and the most memorable character on this list.

Re-L Mayer (Ergo Proxy) 

After the very colorful Sunny, we have Re-L Mayer from the sci-fi gothic anime Ergo Proxy.  She has a very unconventional, gothic character design with washed-out colors and an uptight personality. Re-L Mayer is one of the best, edgy characters in anime, and that says a lot about Re-L. She is an investigator at the Intelligence Bureau and is an oddball of society in her world. She is not one to be taken lightly and is willing to go to great lengths to reach her goals. 

Trish Una (JoJo Part 5: Golden Wind) 

After Giorno, we have another character from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind, Trish Una. While there are many strange characters in the series, Trish Una has been able to differentiate herself from a lot of other female leads in the series. She has been able to justify her stance as one of the best core characters in JoJo Part 5. 

Sasha (Seikon no Qwaser) 

Japan is a land of weird and bizarre stuff. And anime is no stranger to its weirdness. Here Seikon no Qwaser has one of the strangest premises ever in anime. And Sasha, its main male lead, is also a baffling individual. He has quite the unique and edgy character design that, if you can pull off correctly; will definitely lead to more than a few head turns at anime conventions. 

Jesus and Buddha (Saint Young Men) 

And last but not least, if you have a best friend you want to cosplay with but can’t find the perfect duo. Well, Jesus and Buddha from Saint Young Men have you covered with their casual and easy-going nature as two of the most recognized personalities in the entire world. 

I hope you enjoyed this look at the Top 10 Strangest Anime Characters That are Worth Cosplaying! There are several other extremely creepy and strange characters that could have made the list but I just couldn’t bring myself to mention their names. If you enjoyed this article feel free to check out some more HERE. Also, if you enjoy cosplay videos feel free to check out my YOUTUBE. Thanks so much again for reading my article. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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