Top 6 Favorite League of Legend Cosplays

How’s everyone doing? Over the years I have taken several League

of Legend Cosplay images and decided to consolidate them into one

post. I used to play this game nonstop and photographing these

cosplays brings back some great memories. Unfortunately, I have

yet to see a nautilus cosplay but im sure its only a matter of time.

So, with the mood set, let’s get into my top 6 favorite league of

legends cosplays.  

Starting off the list we have a phenomenal Xayah. This

particular Xayah sports the Cosmic Dusk skin. I will admit I am not

super familiar with this character as I never played her but I loved

this cosplay. The neon lights were a very nice touch. The only thing

that could have made this cosplay better was a matching Rakan.

But ill take what I can get.   

Next up we have our favorite shotgun yielding hero. Graves was

one of the earliest heroes in League of legends and has remained

popular ever since. This cosplay looks awesome and was

immediately recognizable. In the future I would love to see a mafia

graves skin as I kind of have a slight bias towards this skin

but, ill take any graves cosplay I can get.  

Following this awesome Graves cosplay we have an

amazing Nidalee cosplay. Anyone whose played this game knows

how ferocious this heroes spear is. With the right build, this skill

can easily shave half a characters HP. This cosplay was spot on and

I loved it. I really wish I would have met this cosplayer a bit later

when I was more experienced in cosplay photography but I am

sure the opportunity will present again.  

Have you ever taken a rocket to the face from across the map,

No? Then you definitely haven’t played against a Jinx in League of

Legends. This cosplayer rocked the Star Guardian Jinx skin

which ill admit looked awesome. She can’t be seen sporting her

massive shark shaped rocket launcher with this skin but none the

less its just as iconic.  

Making another mark on our list we have

the Xayah and Rakan cosplay I was longing for. I was able to

capture these awesome cosplayers a bit later in the year but,as I

said, it was only a matter of time until I ran across the pair.  If you

have not seen the trailer which was released for these two heroes

please check it out, it was awesome. I loved this combo

and there costumes were phenomenal. I look forward to meeting

them again. 

Last but not least we have Star Guardin Ahri and Star Guardian

Jinx. I was so lucky to stumble across these cosplayers nearing the

end of my time at AWA. These cosplays were absolutely amazing

and matched one another perfectly. Everything from star

guardians Jinxs gun to Star guardians Ahris tail was gorgeous and I

really loved the detail that went into these cosplays. 

Well, that does it for my top 6 League of Legends cosplays.  I do not

run into as many of these cosplays nowadays and usually see a lot

more Overwatch cosplays. Most of you know I have a soft spot for

some of the older cosplays so I hope I get to run into them more

often. Well that will do it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post. If

so, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.

Until next time, stay boundless.     

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