Top 7 Anime Snacks

As we all know things are slowly reopening. Some restaurants are allowing you to sit in but I feel with this second wave all of that is going to come to an abrupt halt. What does this mean, well 1 you will have to learn and expand on your current cooking skills. Or, you can continue your current snacking routine but with a twist. That’s right, its time to step up your snack game and add the old razzle-dazzle with the introduction of Japanese snacks. But not just any Japanese snack will do. Today I want to look at the top 7 snacks commonly seen in anime that you can add to your current snacking routine. Let’s check it out! 

1. Kasutera cake 

First up we have Kasutera CakeThis cake is commonly seen throughout many anime and appears to be extremely delicious. This sponge cake is essentially made from sugar, flour, starch, syrup, and eggs. I have not personally eaten this dessert but the images and description definitely make my mouth water. Apparently, Kasutera cake mostly uses honey to get its sweet taste instead of sugar. This should help those that crave desserts but think American desserts are a bit too sweet. I will certainly be giving this a try.  

2. Melonpan 

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a reliable spot to purchase this one from but you can get the recipe book along with adorable Plushy. Melonpan is a Japanese sweet bread covered with a thin layer of crispy biscuits or cookie crust. Its commonly sold with symmetrical gridlines across the top and has been portrayed in several animes with Shakugan no Shana being one of the most prominent. It looks extremely fluffy and airy and should certainly capture the attention of any anime enthusiast. 

3. Ochazuke 

For our next Japanese Snack we will deviate from the sweets category and check out an item with many similarities to ramen. Ochazuke was seen in the famous Studio Ghibli film Princess MononokeI remember a lot of things about this movie but the food was definitely not one of them. I guess after a tough day of fighting even the most hardened of heroes need a decent meal. This soup/ramen like dish does not look very filling but who knows, it could be deceptively delicious.  

4. Takoyaki 

Ok, so I have actually had this one when and I can attest to how delicious it is. Takoyaki is a dish from Osaka and contains wait for it, octopus. Not so sure if you’re into trying exotic food but this is definitely one I would recommend. Its usually either fried or grilled and can be eaten on the go. Side note, if octopus is not your thing feel free to switch it with something else. It may not be completely accurate to its original recipe but I’m sure it would still be delicious. Characters like the Sun Eater and even Ash Ketchum have been portrayed as enjoying this tasty Japanese Snack.  

5. Pocky

Nearly everyone knows this famous Japanese Snack and has tried it at least once. I would have to argue that Pocky is the most popular snack on this entire list and is commonly eaten and sold at conventions. Characters like Hatsune Miku have even been seen enjoying this delicious snack. It comes in several flavors and is likely already in stock at your nearest grocery store. If you have had this snack before feel free to get a bit more and share it with your friends that are highly skeptical of foreign foods. 

6. Ramune 

Likely only second to PockyRamune is a very interesting drink that has no American counterpart. Sure the flavors are similar to American flavors but the method by which you drink this soda is very unique. Specifically, there is a small ball that must be popped before you are allowed access to the thirst-quenching nectar inside. The bottle has two indentions that halt the ball while you drink. It’s a very unique drinking experience and one that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking Japanese snacks and food. 

6. Daifuku Mochi 

Now back to the lesser-known Japanese snacks. Taking the number 6 position on the list we have DaifukuYou have likely seen this food in several animes but did not know the name of it. Daifuku Mochi is well Mochi stuffed with bean paste. Like Ramune, it comes in many flavors ranging from strawberry to apricot. As you can see Luna clearly enjoys it so that should be approval enough for you. There is literally a Daifuku Mochi for nearly every taste bud so go ahead and dig into this awesome Japanese snack. 

7. Pretz 

So, when we see anime characters eating stick-shaped snacks we commonly think of PockyI mean this makes sense of course since the two are in the same shape. But, come to find out, there’s another stick-shaped snack that these characters may have in fact been eating. Pretz is extremely similar to Pocky with one key difference, Pretz are dusted with flavors instead of being dipped in a yogurt-like substance. Most of its flavors are savory instead of sweet and two of the most common are cheese and pizza. I personally have never tried this variation of pretzel flavored snack but will certainly give it a try.  

There are tons of delicious snacks on this list while several other Japanese snacks await discovery. Don’t keep all of this great information to yourself. Feel free to share any other amazing snacks in the comments section and let us know your opinion of which are the best. Thanks so much for checking out my page and as always feel free to check out more awesome cosplay news HEREIf anime videos are more your thing, feel free to check out my YouTubeIt features some great videos and cosplayers that I’m sure you will enjoy. Thanks so much again and as always, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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