What Is Cosplay?

What Is Cosplay

Hey how’s everyone doing? If you attended any cons like me over

the weekend, I hope your answer is great! I recently returned from

momocon and had a great time. This was my first time attending it

and well I took over 1k pictures. Ill slowly be making my way

through these pictures as the weekend goes on so feel free to check

back regularly to see updates. Now, onto today’s post, what is


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I wanted to

talk about a very important topic that is commonly understood but

not always discussed. That is, What is Cosplay? Sure we see it all

over the net and watch our friends post their costumes, but what is

it really? There are many different answers and definitions to this

question so lets dive in to exactly What Is Cosplay?

The Expression of Ones Self

I have asked several cosplayers in interviews and at shoots what

cosplay is to them. A lot tell me its hard for them to define but in

general summarize it as an expression of their love of everything

anime and fiction. They materialize this love by purchasing or

crafting cosplays that personify their favorite characters of the

anime or fictional world. Many of us adore several characters and

as a result cosplay as many of them at conventions.

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Of course, we

enjoy the compliments and admiration from others, but cosplay is

more importantly a gratification for one’s self. Conventions allow

for group unification and promotion of each other’s cosplays

allowing for increased self-image and body positivity. Cosplay also

promotes bonding and friendships that I have seen last a lifetime

and renew every time old friends reunite at conventions or shoots.

Recreation Of Childhood

Photo By: Wbmstr

Another common answer I receive to this question is “It’s a

representation of some of the best days of our lives aka childhood”.

Many of us are old-school cosplayers and still remember running

around slapping each other with Yaoi paddles and watching adult

swim. Long before series such as Attack on Titan and My Hero

Academy, we watched Trigun, Outlaw Star and Cowboybebop.

Photo By: mcosplay

Cosplay wasn’t as mainstream and neither was streaming services

such as crunchy roll. Linking with other cosplayers and discussing costume

creations over a few drinks was an event we only got to do a few times a

year, and O how we craved it. So cosplaying as Vash, Spike or Sailormoon

allowed us to create bonds that have lasted a lifetime and these cosplays

remind us of simpler times.

Escape From Reality

Last but not least I hear its an “Escape from reality”. Lots of people

outside the anime/cosplay world think these two hobbies are

“Weird”. This of course could not be any further from the truth.

With the exception of a few, we all know we are incapable of going

Super Saiyan or summoning giant animals to fight on our behalf.

But this doesn’t mean we can escape reality for a bit and act like we

can. Our EVA foam and Worbla props and costumes allow us to

essentially play make-believe and for a few days and cast away the

worries of the world.

Bills, stresses and even ailments are all forgotten while we are

enjoying laughs, boardgames and series recreations with good

friends. I have met so many people through cosplay that could

complain about the hand life has dealt them. Instead, they smile

laugh joke and participate in events without a care in the world.

This is my understanding of cosplaying and wouldn’t have it any

other way!


I hope you enjoyed my brief summary or explanation to the

question of What is Cosplay. This question still has so many

answers and means varies things to different people. But, it seems

that they all have the same theme of uniting and expressing our

love for fiction through costumes.

Photo By: Santosphotocosplay

Whether you’re a seasoned prop

and costume builder or just starting your cosplay career, you are

sure to find like minded individuals that enjoy cosplay as much as

you! Well that’s going to do it for todays post. I hope you enjoyed it!

For some more awesome posts related to cosplay, check here! Until

Next time, Stay Boundless!!!

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