Why No Game No Life Is For Gamers

Welcome back to the Boundless Perception Blog and man do I have an awesome post for you today! I have been crushing the anime seen and watching nearly everything I can find. My most recent conquest was the series No Game no LifeI had no idea how amazing this series was and im sure several of you do not either. Series such as My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer commonly steal the spotlight but let me tell you, No Game no Life is a must. Hopefully this series will receive a second season and if you watch it now you will already be ahead of the curve. So without further ado, let’s check out why gamers should be watching No Game no Life. 


I cannot be the only person that has thought living in another world would be much better than here. Maybe you can relate to anime characters better than humans or simply having awesome special powers has been up your alley. Either way, you felt that this world was not for you. Well, this is exactly how the main characters in this series feel as they do not possess the best social skills nor the desirer for sunlight. The only seek to play games and be the best there ever was.  

But in becoming the greatest gamers of all time, they have thoroughly researched all facets of humanity. Everything ranging from medicine to engineering. This gives them a unique edge over there opponents as they have a wide knowledge database to pull from when it comes to solving problems. Games are nothing more than complex formulas involving lines of code along with various mathematical formulas. If you understand these outside elements and are capable of devising formulas that predict each hypothetical outcome, you will crush your opponent.  

Top gamers have their craft down to a science and this is exactly what Blank does in No Game no LifeThey quickly analyze each situation and apply every ounce of knowledge they have accumulated over the years to the game. Pro Gamers tend to wipe the floor with their opponents.  They seem to know what’s going to happen even before it occurs. This is likely do to not only tons of experience but also the ability to predict what their opponents will do. Of course there’s natural talent but I’d be willing to bet behind those genius plays there are hours of studying to support it.  No Game No Life emphasized this. 


Trust is something that usually seems to be lacking in online games. Sure Blank developed a very close relationship because they were siblings and always around each other but, the idea of trusting your teammate with your life needs to be rewarded more in games. Commonly, everyone tends to do whatever they want in online games completely neglecting their teammate’s needs along with the mission’s objectives. Just imagine how many more games people would win if they chose to focus on teamwork instead of being the MVP.  

Eventually, I would hope or assume that everyone else would fall in line if the majority of the team was working together. I know this is a large assumption but I can be optimistic right? On the other hand, if they do not board the all for one train, just go ahead and start building a new relationship with a player you are sure you can trust. Games such as Overwatch and Rocket League do not have long term consequences for losing. Other games such as Ark or Eve online forces players to regret every false step for the rest of their gaming career. A theme seen throughout No Game no Life.

I believe if every game was played as though losing would cause irreparable damage to both that character and clans name players would be more likely to trust one another. The characters known as Blank took this concept seriously and all though losing meant nothing more than a tarnished name, it was the same as death to them. No Game No Life shows gamers that each time you play a game your pride is on the line and losing means that you have been bested by a better player. This should be an unacceptable scenario and avoided at all costs.   


Last but not least we have fun. I feel tons of gamers have lost that sensation of fun when playing games. Maybe you play the game so often that now it becomes mechanical or you are playing as your main source of income. No matter the reason, you should never stop having fun when gaming. Remember the reason you got into gaming and how it’s supposed to suck you away from the problems of the world. Playing with other characters is supposed to be fun and I believe this was the main message of No Game no Life.  

Of course games are more fun when you are winning but even in defeat you should take solace in knowing that you gave it your all and had fun. It’s going to take a while before you become that top gamer that everyone in the community is looking up to. So in the meantime just have fun and enjoy the journey. Having fun was actually one of the rules that had to be followed upon Blank entering the Board top world.  

There are so many other lessons that can be learned from this series and man do I wish we would institute them in real life. Lessons such as all disputes being solved with a game rather than violence. This simple idea alone would prevent tons of suffering at the hands of guns and bombs but I’m guessing no nation would go for this concept. Either way, No Game no Life is a phenomenal series that both gamers and non-gamers alike will enjoy. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my post as I really hope you enjoyed it. If you have seen this series feel free to leave a message below as I would love to hear your thoughts about it. If your looking for more cosplay news feel free to click HERE! Also, don’t forget to check out my giveaway sponsored by CDH Creations along with my YOUTUBE CHANNELWell that’s going to be everything for today. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!   

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