Winter Is Coming, Cosplay Hoodies

We have all heard the saying “Winter is coming”. Well given the fact that December is nearly upon us it certainly is. I don’t know about you but I don’t have money to crank my heat all the way to 80 for the next few months. I need to find a more practical solution that doesn’t involve electricity at all. This obviously rules out space heaters unless you’re willing to run a gas-based one in your home, which I would highly recommend against. So what is the solution you ask? It’s a rather simple one that became popular several years ago. That’s right, im talking about the onesie. 

I had bought a few before for friends but I never really understood the appeal. What’s so amazing about a one piece pajama that you slip into? It wasn’t until this weekend that I purchased my first Snorlax Onesie that I realized how amazing these things are. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also extremely warm. They’re So warm that I would advise taking it off before heading to bed. Unless you plan to turn on the fan and add a little RAZZLE DAZZLE to your sleeping routine. So with that thought process in the forefront of our minds, let’s check out some awesome anime and cosplay onesies!  

Snorlax Onesie 

Of course, I start the list with the most recent onesie I purchased.  That’s right, our favorite sleeping Pokémon that can only be awoken by the poke flute. I know you original Pokémon fans remember this large Pokémon blocking your path of progression with his enormous body. But man was he a pleasure to work with once you captured him. Well similar to our Pokémon friend, you can lounge around the house in this awesome onesie and even take cat naps and power naps. I guarantee you will be warm as I have tested this onesie personally.  

Pikachu Onesie 

Pikachi Onesie

Next up we have the most iconic Pokémon to ever grace the series. That’s right, Ashes’ best friend and number one ally. Pikachu is an electric type Pokémon and is arguably the cutest Pokémon in the series. He has bested several Pokémon much stronger than him due to sheer will power and training.  Well since we can’t have an actual Pikachu, why not settle for becoming one. With this amazing onesie, you will be capable of both staying warm and accentuating your own cuteness. Know if you want to really get advanced, go ahead and transform this onesie into a Raichu after a few years to show you have evolved from your previous state.  

Danganronpa Monokuma & Monomi Kigurumi 

Our favorite stuffed robotic teddy bear is available this winter to help prevent hypothermia. Not only can you keep warm, but you get to cosplay as the headmaster of the hopes peak academy. This onesie is also perfect for anyone that has both evil and generous traits, so basically all of us. The character is seen exhibiting both in the series so you basically do not have to do much to get into character for this costume. I see this onesie at a lot of conventions so it’s obviously extremely popular. Interestingly enough, I do not see it as often when it’s hot outside. This should tell you something! 

Totoro Onesie 

If you don’t like studio Ghibli films than im not sure we can be friends. I mean Spirited AwayPrincess Mononoke and Howls Moving Castle are some of the greatest movies to ever grace the film industry. In particular, My Neighbor Totoro is an absolutely amazing movie that perfectly portrays a child’s innocence and imagination. This onesie lets you walk around as the large Totoro. If you have a green thumb or have ever been interested in horticulture, feel free to grow various things in this awesome onesie.  

Umbreon Onesie 

You know we couldn’t leave out our favorite Eevee evolution. Well, one of my favorite Eevee evolutions. Glacion is definitely a close second but I haven’t found a onesie on amazon for him yet. Anyways, this awesome onesie is another one frequented by many at conventions and none of them seem to be shivering. That must obviously mean that this onesie is doing its job. I was torn between deciding on which onesie to get but I did eventually go with the Snorlax. But in doing so, I decided to go ahead and leave the other onesie in the cart for next month. A cosplayer has to have options for warmth right? 

Mr. MeeSeeks 

Without a doubt, this was one of my favorite episodes of Rick and Morty. I mean it was both sad and funny all wrapped into one amazing episode. A being that is produced when you push a button and exists to only fulfill one task sounds amazing right. Well, not when they cant accomplish said task. Then these creatures turn into murderous, backstabbing creatures of evil.  But feel free to press the amazon buy now button and give it the task of shipping you a onesie that will keep you warm. When your Mr.Meeseeks onesie arrives, it will fulfill its task as soon as you put it on. Two birds with one stone.  

Toothless Onesie  

By far the coolest onesie on the list, well at least for me, this toothless onesie is absolutely AMAZING! I mean it has wings and a tail. All its missing is the ability to shoot fire and lightning. They even went as far as to add the red damaged tail to the outfit. I really loved this onesie and need to purchase it. Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive onesie on the list. But given the detail put into this outfit, it makes sense that it costs so much. Side note, just like the Umbreon onesie, this onesie is all black meaning it absorbs light thus causing it to be warmer than some of the others. Little science fact for you there.  

Stitch Onesie 

Last but not least we have this awesome bad guy turned good onesie. Lilo and stitch was released in 2002, let that sink in for a minute. Yea we are old as hell. All of you Disney Fanatics and junkies should be flocking to this onesie. Stitch is a timeless character that eventually becomes Lilo’s protector. He also gets his own series where he helps capture his other experimental brothers and sisters. What better way to show your love for this timeless classic than wearing this awesome cosplay onesie. Make sure experiment 626 doesn’t fade into our memories by repping this awesome onesie.  

There are so many awesome onesies available to keep you warm this winter but ill have to leave them for a second post. Everyone wants to save money and hopefully I have given you a nice alternative to raising that heating bill for the next few months. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave a comment below. And for more awesome cosplay related news click HERE! Thanks so much again for checking out my blog and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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