Winter Themed Photo Shoot

Hows everyone doing? Hopefully great, If you didn’t see my last

post check it out HEREAnyways lets jump back to today’s post. I

had the pleasure of photographing the lovely @kaylhaaaWe

decided to do a holiday/winter themed shoots well because i felt

like it and the holidays weren’t that long along right LOL? And for

a bit of flair we added some fantasy to it.

The main idea or theme for this shoot came from the Adorama

tutorial HERE. But, the shoot slowly evolved into so much more. To

start off the shoot we had to off course set up our mobile studio.

This involved using 3 Orlit Rovelight 610, 3 cowboystudio heavy

duty light stands, 2 godox umbrella soft boxes, and a backdrop


We also used various other props such as fairy lights and a mason

jar. My camera of choice is a Nikon d7000. I would love to upgrade

to a full frame camera but that’s all in due time. I switched between

a 50mm prime lens and the kit 18-55mm lens. So rather than focus

on the technicalities of the shoot, id rather discuss the theme and

goals of the shoot. 

For the first part of the shoot we started off light with a bit of gels.

We switched between pink, red, green and yellow along with a few

other colors to create the various images seen here. My personal

favorite was the purple and red. I think these colors accented her

natural skin color and overall created a warm effect as compared

to the reds and blues which were a bit sharper.

Next we transitioned to the fairy lights and moon lamp. This was

undoubtedly my second favorite part of the shoot. The lights were

originally used to illuminate the mason jar which was supposed

to create a fire fly effect but it slowly transitioned into more of a

fairy theme. I believe the white dress complimented the

fairy lights but we eventually switched to a red dress. This switched

the theme more to a holiday shoot rather than a magical shoot. 

Following the fairy lights, we promptly moved to the moon shoot. I

wanted to create a falling moon effect. Specifically, I wanted to

create the illusion of falling from the moon or the idea of the moon

being out of reach. The before and after images show what we

went from and what we went to. I had to use my awesome sister to

hold the moon as the model balanced herself on the chair in order

to create this image. After a few hours of photoshop magic we

arrived at the image we have here. Honestly im still new to the

photoshop scene but I think I did a decent job. Let me know what

you think about this shoot in the comment section below.

Dark grunge textured wall closeup – well use as digital studio background

Finally, we have the highlight of the shoot which is our blizzard

theme. To create this image we used some gold old fake snow

from Michaels along with a old lantern I picked up at a thrift

store. Photographing this took a bit of work as the glass from the

lantern created a strange flare in a few of the images. Also, the fake

snow had the unfortunate effect of coming out as clumps a few

times which also took a bit of photoshop magic to remove. 

Last but not least, we had to light the candle. The candle used in the

shoot was actually fake so to light it we…. That’s right you guessed

it, did some photoshop magic. Aside from the photography

technicalities, none of this shoot would have been possible without

the awesome modeling skills of @Kahlaaa. She made this shoot

come alive and added all of the depth and dramatic flair that this

shoot was missing.  

Well that’s everything for this post. I would like to thank

@Kahlaaa, for making this shot happen and bringing it to life. If

you enjoyed this shoot definitely leave a comment below. Stay

tuned for some more awesome images next week. Until next time,


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