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Gel Photos 1Well, Im finally BACK, sorry for my recent disappearance.

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus because of school and all but I finally made time for another post and personally, I think its one of the best yet. Ever since I started this photography journey I have always wanted to work with gels. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my cosplay and nature photography but one of my original inspirations was from a shoot involving various colors blended with color gels.


Gel Photos 4 Awesome tutorials such as this one (Gel Photography) from fstoppers gave me a great understanding of what I would need and how to go about doing this shoot. Well it took forever but I finally got around to taking some awesome images. For this shoot I needed the assistance of my lovely GF and awesome Gel 3sister. Lets get into it and see how I did.

For starters, I used two of my brand new ORLIT RoveLights which I got on sale during black Friday. I love these lights due to their portability and convince.


                They are battery operated so I can take them anywhere I got and last what seems like forever off a fully charge. I have previously rented the Interfit S1 system and I must say that the RoveLight system is not far off. I also used my Nikon d7000 and 18-55mm lens. I also occasionally used my 50mm lens.

                Gel Pics 10The hardest part of this project was choosing the best color combinations. Ill openly admit I do not remember the color mixtures they taught us in elementary school s so the shoot originally began with a good bit of trial and error.

But I believe trial and error is one of the best methods to learn a new photography strategy. Anyways, throughout the shoot my favorite color mixtures involved blue and purple, orange and green, and yellow and green. Solid red also made for some interesting shots.


  Gel Pics 14I believe that each color invokes different responses in individuals and will cause not only the viewer but also the model to display different emotions. For example, the blues and greens seemed to make the model a bit more open and energetic, where as the reds were received with a more serious posture and demeanor.

                Gel Photo 10Midway through the shoot we also decided to add different objects into the shots. They added an entirely different element to the shoot that I did not originally anticipate.

The chairs and glasses allowed the models to strike poses not originally achievable without the props. In hind sight, I wish I had used more props and will certainly begin to incorporate them into my future projects.


                Gel Photos 14I hope you enjoyed the images I took from this shoot. There are several more in the galleries below so make sure you check them out. I also plan to do my best to continue posting on a regular bases and not let such large gaps between posts. Also, do not forget to check out the entire gallery below. That’s it for now and as always stay BOUNDLESS!!!! 


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