7 Tips to Improve Cosplay Shoots

Overwatch Cosplay ShootIts Friday!!!! Aka make bad decisions after 6 day or as I call it, the read my “7 Tips to improving your cosplay posing guide” :). Im sure most of you do not need anything to make your day better  because we all know your awesome but a little assistance never hurts right?  

I have an awesome post for you guys today! Its all about posing for your next shoot. I have been shooting for a while now and as a result have picked up a few tricks to help improve everyone’s posing.7 Tips

 So instead of boring you with a bunch of fluff, let’s jump right into it. O but before we do, I would like to thank Lilly Ariella for allowing me to take her pictures for this guide.

This is my second time shooting with Lilly so she of course already knew the routine and hit the ground running. To see  images from her previous shoot click HERE.


TIP  1- Pull your Arms Away From Your Body. PIC 1447

                7 Tips to Improve Cosplay ShootsStarting with tip number 1 we have PULLING YOUR ARMS AWAY FROM YOUR BODY. This tip is absolutely massive. I have yet to meet a model that wants to look “bigger” in their images. All too common models complain about their physical appearance, specifically their arms.

A simple tip to make your arms appear thinner in images is to simply pull them away from your body. This will basically prevent your arms from becoming flat and retain a more circular appearance. Lilly demonstrated this technique wonderfully at her shoot during AWA2018 this year.  

TIP 2- Straighten Your Back & Neck PIC 14547 Tips

                Straitening your back and neck can make you not only appear thinner but also taller. Most females do not meet the average 5,11 inches height rule that models commonly abide by.  Lets also be honest, most of us do not meet the weight requirements either. So instead of trying to constantly adhere to the ridiculous requirements of the modeling industry, let’s just adhere to our own beauty standards and mix in a bit of tips to improve hour poses and posture as much as we can.  


Tip 3- Open Your Mouth 1462

                7 TipsThis sounds like a strange tip but opening your mouth definitely adds to the pose. I wish I had another image to show you the exact difference but trust me its drastic. So many times I have taken pictures of cosplayers and done several adjustments after looking at the image only to realize they simply needed to show some teeth. Closing your mouth can lead to clenching which makes your jaw appear larger than normal and no one wants that right?

Tip 4- Know Your Character and Have Poses 1468

                7 TipsI cannot tell you how many times cosplayers arrive at shoots without a single idea of what poses they want to do. As a photographer we have pre-planned poses in mind and can generate some on the fly but it’s a lot easier when the cosplayer already has at least 3 poses in mind. This pose works extremely well for Lilly because it perfectly correlates to her character (Mercy) helping nature. The pose does not have to be one the character does directly but it should align with that characters demeanor and personality.

Tip 5- Switching Angles 1473

                7 TipsSpecifically, going from a standing shot to a sitting pose can completely change the entire look of the shoot. This specific shot not only allows for the cosplayers entire wings and staff to fit into the image but also makes the cosplayer appear innocent.

Placing your hands on your legs also adds to the innocent affect furthering the characters persona of being a helpful healer.  Accompanying this image is the bottom up shot. Be careful though, this image can be a double edged sword in which the model receives the bonus of having a shot from a different angle but also back fire and make the cosplayer appear larger than normal. You have to be very careful using this technique.

Tip 6- Hand Placement 1457

                7 TipsThe worst thing you can do at a shoot is let your hands hang by your side. Angels, angles and more angles is the name of the game. By placing your hands in different position models can actually trick viewers into thinking they are seeing different poses. Hand placement tells an entire story about the image and basically keeps things interesting. Does she have something to say, or is she laughing? This pose in particular makes the viewer ask questions which is certain to get you more views when posting on FB and IG.

Tip 7- Lust It Up 1486

                7 TipsThat’s right you heard me, creating a bit of sex appeal in your shot is always a guaranteed way to entice viewers and make them coming back for more. Although a helpful technique, I believe this one needs to be used sparingly. Adding a few sexy shots into the mix is perfectly fine but the entire shoot should not revolve around this theme nor focus on it. Doing so takes away from the effort and commitment that went into making the costume and props. Force viewers to appreciate your skill and passion by flaunting your talent at making and modeling your amazing costumes.

                Well there you have 7 unique tips to help improve your next photo shoot. Feel free to practice these in the mirror prior to con day so you can effortlessly flow from one pose to the next. If you enjoyed this tips feel free to drop a comment below and share them with your fellow con goers.  I plan to write a few more of these in the future so stay on the lookout for the next set of posing Tips to improving your cosplay photo shoots! All the images from the shoot can be seen in the gallery below. You can also see some other great images from Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018 HERE. Thanks again for visiting my site and until next time, STAY BOUNDLESS!!!Overwatch Cosplay Shoot








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