Awesome Cosplay and Anime Items

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Everyone loves an awesome cosplay prop right? Everything from swords and shields to armor and clothing. But, I have also seen some equally amazing cosplay/anime items that are actually functional and are useful both inside and outside of conventions. Everything from money banks to headsets have caught my attention so I obviously had to write a post about it. So, with this post lest check out some Awesome Cosplay and Anime Items to use both inside and outside of conventions.  

Power Banks 

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Losing power on your phone at a convention is terrible. You cant find your friends or stay up to date with all of the things going on at the convention. Of course, you could just buy a regular power bank but where’s the fun in that?  We are cosplayers and we have to represent that fact in every facet of our lives. So, let’s charge our phones and other devices in style. I noticed a DVA cosplayer using this device at momocon and I was curious about what she was doing. After speaking with her (Forgive me for not remembering her name) she told me she was charger her phone with this DVA Cosplay Prop Power BankI thought it was so cool that not only was she cosplaying as DVA, but she had the matching power bank to go with it. 

Photo By Adami Langley

Another item I noticed a cosplayer using was a Poke Ball Power Bank. This item looked so real I thought it was an actual Poke BallIt perfectly matched the outfit and will definitely compliment anyone who chooses to cosplay as a Pokémon trainer. Now if you get a matching Pokémon phone case to go with the Poke Ball you are just going above and beyond! I must admit I do not know how much of a charge these items can hold but even if you only get one charge out of the item it will be worth it for the WOW factor.  

Photo By AcidDaisy

Finally, we have an Iron Man Power Bank.  Similar to the DVA Power Bank, this power bank is a miniature replica of the larger prop. The Iron Man Power Bank is a miniature replica of the iron man case seen in Iron man 2 I believe. I would love to see someone somehow develop a larger suitcase that actually turns into a full-fledge cosplay suit. Hmm, I guess I’m getting into the realm of science fiction a bit but still, you can’t tell me this wouldn’t be awesome? 



Next on the list, we have headphones. And you know I couldn’t make this post without including Star Lords iconic bright orange headphones. I absolutely loved this scene in the first Guardians of the Galaxy. Where he is dancing and kicking the rat looking things. To be honest, I really just think it was the music that I loved because his dance moves weren’t exactly winning any awards lol. But still, the series made these headphones iconic and I love to see them on Star-Lord cosplayers every time they portray this character.  

Photography By Ken Tan

Second, we have these badass DVA HeadphonesI’ll be the first to admit I have no idea how good the audio quality is on these but if its anything like the look it can’t be too bad right? Most people know the character DVA from overwatch. She sports a giant mech along with of course her awesome white and pink headphones. So, imagine not only using this to accent your cosplay but to also listen to music as you strut around at conventions. After you finish using them for cosplaying, you can still use them as your normal pair of headphones if you so desire. Sounds like a win win scenario to me! 

Startrek Bluetooth Communicator  


As the Star Trek series has progressed, the shape and color of the communicator badge has changed but it has remained an iconic symbol of Starfleet throughout almost every iteration of the franchise. One slap and bam, you’re communicating with some of the most powerful vessels that galaxy has ever seen. How awesome is it that they made a functional one? Sure it doesn’t compare to the series communicator badgebut its one hell of a replica. I have yet to cosplay as a Star Trek character but if I do, you best believe I’m purchasing one of these bad boys. 

Money Bank 

Photo By MemoiorsofanOtaku

These items are all but relics of a time when most of us were children and had dreams of buying ice cream and video games. But, even as an adult, a money bank is both fun and nostalgic. I’m sure nearly everyone reading this uses an actual bank to store their money in but what harm is there in dropping a few coins in an old fashion money bank? And what better way to do that than with an awesome Noctilucence Kodama Tree Spirit bank


If that item doesn’t suit your fancy, you can always get a No Face Coin Bank. Hopefully, this item will prompt you to save money for that next amazing cosplay. Imagine cracking this sucker open and realizing you have a solid…. $100 in it because let’s face it, these really don’t hold that much money lol. But, it’s the image that counts and how awesome would it be to see this little guy lifting coins into his mouth every day.  

Groot Flower Pot 

Photo By Shoko-cosplay

Arguably one of the saddest scenes in the Marvel Universe was the death of Groot. I don’t know about you but this one definitely hit home. RIP GROOT. But on a positive note, we also got the awesome baby Groot dancing scene. What better way to show your appreciation and respect for this awesome scene than with a Baby Groot Flower Pot. Alternatively, this awesome pot can be used as a pencil cup. I definitely would have this item on my office desk and could care less about what anyone had to say.    

No Face Night Light 


Last but not least we have an awesome No Face Night LightThere are many different models for this night light but I think this one is the best. Most of us probably no longer use a night light but man I may start again just because of the way this looks. Studio Ghibli films always resonate with me and I guess any item “Studio Ghibli” has the same effect. There are several other night lights for the various films but no face always takes the prize for me.  

Photo By SEI

I hope you enjoyed this post on some awesome anime items to get that either complement your cosplay or simply function as awesome collectible memorabilia. Feel free to leave a comment below if you enjoyed this post and if you are looking for some other cosplay/anime items or ideas check HEREUntil next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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