Boundless Cosplay Contest 2



So as mentioned in my Facebook post & Pole I am hosting a cosplay contest. Many of you showed interest and I hope this can be the beginning of a great way to express our love for cosplay. The entry is 2$ and can be made via paypal ( or venmo (@boundless-perception). (IF ENOUGH ENTRIES ARE NOT RECEIVED, EVERY CANDIDATE WILL RECEIVE A FULL REFUND). All the rules can be found below and ENTRIES CAN BE SUBMITTED VIA MY EMAIL, WEBSITE, OR FACEBOOK accounts. Good luck everyone, and stay Boundless. Please feel free to share so we can get as many people as possible.

Cosplay Giveaway Contest Rules

Judging Criteria

Cosplayer Costumes Will Be Judged Based on

  1. Overall Appearance

  2. Likeness to the Character (RACE AND SEX DO NOT MATTER!!!!)

  3. Attention to Details


  • No Nudity

    • This does not mean you cannot have revealing outfits. I am only trying to keep people from posing naked and calling it cosplay. Thank you for understanding.

  • Multiple Entries are allowed but only for separate characters. Example, you may enter a Naruto image and a sasuke image but not TWO Naruto images.

  • Each entry must have the cosplayer’s name, character’s name, series, and contact information. Example. Name, cell phone, email address and facebook account name.

  • Images must be clear and only contain one character.

  •  Please include a reference image to the character you are portraying with each submission.

  •  All forms of anime are welcomed including Avatar the Last Airbender, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pacific Rim, and other cartoons and movies with heavy influences or inspirations taken from Asian cultures. If you have any questions, please email me at

  •  Unfortunately, international applicants are not eligible for this contest, only the continental U.S.

  • The contest will run from March 13,207 until April 13,2017. 1stPlace will receive a 50$ gift card 2nd place will receive a 25$ gift card and 3rd place will receive a 10$ gift card. 50 Applicants are needed to begin the contest!

  • If more than 80 contests enter the contest the prizes become 100$ for 1st place, 50$ for 2nd place and 10$ for 3rd place. If more than 100 people enter the prizes will increase again.   

    •  Candidates cannot be selected for winning more than one prize. Example, if you submit 3 photos you cannot win 1st,2nd, and 3rd place. One prize per individual.

  •  The contest will begin once 50 entries are successfully received

  •  Images submitted will be uploaded daily on my TUMBLRInstagram , and Facebook sites. So, check to make sure your entry was received. Image sizes should be high quality but are to not exceed 10mb .jpg files.

  • Images may be submitted via TUMBLR ,Email, Facebook, or my website.

With that being said, lets have some fun everyone and demonstrate our best work. Take pride in your submission and enjoy the contest. I am looking forward to all of your entries.


Thanks For The Submissions And to Everyone That Participated!

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