Fire Emblem Cosplay

Fire Emblem Cosplay
Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: Shamanrenji

Good morning everyone, It’s a lovely Sunday morning and for some

reason, I decided to wake up at 6:00 am and write a fire emblem

post. Why you ask? Obviously to write this awesome fire emblem

cosplay post. Fire Emblem characters are very iconic and almost

immediately recognizable.

Photo By: Calssara

This game history is very extensive and spans several games

including fire emblem three houses, fire emblem awakening, and

fire emblem echoes. These characters are so popular that several of

them have been included in the smash brothers series and are

commonly cosplayed at every convention.

Fire Emblem Cosplay

Just recently at momocon, I had the pleasure of photographing an

Ike and a chrom. Both characters I enjoy playing in smash

brothers as they kill at very low percentages. Today we are going to

look at the price of cosplaying these characters along with sites that

sell these costumes.

Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: Gwiffen

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the individuals parts of

each costume sold separately so you’re only option is to purchase

the completed set or build it from scratch. If anyone does find the

sets sold separately, feel free to let everyone know in the

comments below. And with that being said let’s dive into it.


Fire Emblem Cosplay

Ike smashed his way into the fire emblem franchise in 2005, with

his intro into fire emblem radiance. He is the leader of the Greil

Mercenaries and son of Greil and Elena. Anyone that has faced this

character in smash brothers or played fire emblem radiance

knows just how devastating this character can be.

Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: JSFLAG

He wields Ragnell. This sword is blessed and nearly indestructible.

If you’re considering Ike as your cosplay character, you can snag

his costume for about $130. Grabbing Ragnell will run you

another $138 bucks and his blue hair wig is about $20 bringing

your total to $288 bucks for the cosplay. Not terribly expensive.


Fire Emblem Cosplay

Chrom is another character that has found his way into the smash

brothers franchise. He the prince of his nation and wields

falchion. Stemming from fire emblem awakening and mirroring

IKE, chrom is extremely strong and is capable of killing characters

at very low percentages. Another notable fact is he is the father of

the smash character Lucina.

Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: Rei-Suzuki

In the fire emblem series, his class is known as great lord and

allows him access to a wide array of skills including aether, aegis,

and bowbreaker. You can pick up chroms cosplay for $133 bucks.

Falchion (his sword) will set you back another $114 bucks. Lastly,

his shoulder piece and wig will run you about $116 and $13

dollars bringing your total to $376. A little pricey but hey, you gotta

pay to play.


Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: Felixworks1

Next up we have Marth. We could say Marth and Roy paved the

way for there fellow shadow emblem brethren as far as the smash

brothers franchise goes. His back story is one of sorrow. After his

birth country was destined for war, his father sent him to a

neighboring more peaceful land. After his father was betrayed,

Marth vowed to reclaim his homelands and restore it to its former


Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: HystericalDemon

 He is also of the great lord class and appeared in the fire emblem

shadow dragon and blade of light series. His skill set includes

charm, Astra and Sol. Cosplaying as Marth is always a pleasant site

and this cosplay costume will run you about $160. His

accompanying sword is about $83 paired with his $28 wig and you

have a grand total of $271 dollars.


Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: st3rn1

My personal favorite on the list and from the fire emblem series we

have Roy. He is one of the most expensive costumes on the list,

probably why he is my favorite. I mean who doesn’t like to hear the

chant “Roys our Boy, Roys Our Boy” in smash brothers? Anyways,

Roy made his appearance in the Fire Emblem binding blade game.

He is the son of Eliwood which is the main character of the game.

Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: st3rn1

Roys personality is very upbeat and he’s always looking to help

others. He values friendship and demonstrated empathy making

him just an overall good guy. See why he’s my favorite? Some of his

skills include Astra, Night Sky and desperation blow. Cosplaying as

Roy will set you back $334 along with his binding blade sword at

$109, boots $37 and a red wig for $16 bring you to $496 dollars.


Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: Mionachan

Now for one of the “Bad guys”. Arvis, unfortunately, did not make

it into the smash brothers series but there’s always hope with the

next installment. Arvis was first introduced in fire emblem

Genealogy of the Holy wars game. He has the ability to control fire

magic and is known for his Rising flame and Growing flame

abilities. I will spare you the boring storyline and bloodline details

of the character and simply state he’s rather powerful and his

cosplay costume is awesome.

Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: Elemental-Aura

I mean look at the image, even if you are not a fire emblem fan

how could you not want to cosplay as this guy? To be camera ready

as Arvis, you will need to invest a solid $168 dollars for this

cosplay along with $12 buck for the wig and $40 for his boots. On

the bright side, you can photoshop the fire so that’s some money

saved right? Lol


Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: Timmcosplay

Robin is another character that made it into the super sash

brothers universe. Robin was released in fire emblem awakening

and then again in super smash brothers. Like several characters in

the fire emblem universe, Robin has a rather unfortunate back

story. Specifically, he becomes possessed and kills Chrom. On the

bright side, he develops amnesia and forgets the entire thing


Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: Yaci-Chan

No regrets if you don’t remember right? Some of his abilities

include thunder, arcfire and elwind. You can snag Robins costume

for $242 buck along with his sword $134, boots $70 and wig for

$13 dollars. This brings you to a total of $459. A good bit to pay buts

its totally worth it.


Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: by Nibelung-valesti

Last but not least we have Alfonse. No not Alfonse Elric as I’m sure

many of your minds just jumped to, Alfonse from fire emblem

heroes. He is the main protagonist in this series and shocking, a

prince also. Similar in attitude to Roy, Alfonse is a kind serious

man who always aims to keep the order. He actually ends up

joining a group called the order of heroes which obviously does not

make his father happy. This is considered “nonprince like


Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: CryptidCoffee

But when duty calls and trouble threatens the realm, you

can be sure Alfonse will answer its call. Some of his abilities

include Folkvangr, Moonbow and Ardent Sacrifice. If this

post has made you want to cosplay as him then no worries

my friend, I have you covered. Alfonse cosplay can be

purchased for $337 dollars. His sword will run you $153

bucks. Grab yourself a blue cosplay wig for $12 and some

boots for $49 and your boundless photo ready.

Fire Emblem Cosplay
Photo By: EminenceRain

As you can tell, I adore fire emblem and really love to see people

cosplay as characters from this series. I was fortunate enough to

capture 2 cosplayers at momocon. I’m hoping this number will

drastically increase at future cons. If you enjoyed this post feel free

to leave a comment below. Also, I know this cosplay post was a bit

expensive so here’s one that may be more your budget. Well, that’s

it for today thanks so much again and as always, stay Boundless!!!

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