Interview With A Cosplayer (Peachconprincess)

We are back with another awesome Interview With a Cosplayer

episode. In the interview seat today we have none other than

@Peachyconprincess. She is both an awesome cosplayer and an

event organizer for momocon. Some of her cosplays include

Garnet from Steven Universe and Princess Alura From Voltron.

This episode is great for those looking to market themselves as

@peachyconprincess specializes in social media marketing. She

definitely gives some great advice on how and which social media

platform to use along with some great resources for sewing.

With regards to Instagram, she explains how it’s easy to pay for

likes but hard to pay for legitimate follows. Also, getting human

interactions with real individuals is not something you can just

pay for and it requires that you spend time getting to know people

and posting regularly.  She also explains how lots of people get

caught up in posting images on Instagram, when this is time that

could be better spent actually creating content for your blog.

Another emerging platform is TicToc. This platform is still growing

and can be beneficial to your content along with posting the

occasional funny video. Platforms such as youtube and twitch are

great for people that have longer content and really have a ton of

information to share with their viewers. These platforms do not

offer the instant gratification of Instagram but definitely should be

used for people seeking long term growth.

Last but not least we touched on becoming instafamous. For users

seeking this route, its best to essentially cosplay as the popular

characters that have recently come out. You will also want to place

your own spin on these characters so you become iconic or

recognizable as a unique form of these characters. For example, if

you know teen titan or Disney characters or a big thing right now,

then you need to be focusing on these characters. The theme is

stick with the popular to quickly climb the charts.

I hope you liked this interview with @peachconprincess. She really

shared some great information along with strategies I will be

implementing going forward. If you missed some of the last

interviews feel free to click HERE. They also contain some great

information so check them out. Let me know what you liked from

this interview and what you would like to see moving forward.

Thanks again for the views and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

PS: Also, check out @thrillbuilds.

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