The daily routine, reaching from the familiar commute to the repetitive cycle of debt collection must be

smashed. The solution, vibrant colors and frozen images of the impossible which spark the imagination

and reignite forgotten dreams. With nothing more than a lens and light, I hope to interrupt the constant

flow of thoughts and exercise the imagination.  Pictures are meant to invoke and refresh emotion while

attracting similar minds to explore unfamiliar events.


Time waits for no one and each moment may only be captured once. Freezing a moment which will

elegantly portray all of the energy and thought put into a costume or dress requires a unique eye. The

image should capture an individual’s emotions while igniting the imagination. Amazing photography

does not require expensive equipment, only two people with the desire to tell a story. I believe

everyone is capable of creating amazing images, it’s my job to make those images available and admired

by others.

My love for photography stems from my need to make the impossible possible. I believe pictures can

help others by capturing memories or breaking social stigmas and assumptions. Individuals can be

themselves and display exactly what they wish the world to view. Similar to other arts, photography is

also universally understood. Basic emotions ranging from love to anger are felt by all humans. The joy of

a woman kissing her husband for the first time or the sadness exhibited by an athlete missing a goal.

These events are translatable across ethnicities, genders and language barriers.


Images also have the power to inspire and motivate. Sharp colors and mystical/magical images of worlds

we can only dream of are all accessible to an imaginative photographer. Combining intricate poses with

subtle landscapes allows the viewer to become enveloped in the world of their heroes. By focusing on

minor details or angling the light to create that perfect glow effect I am sure that together we can create

an array of boundless images.