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Kawii Cosplay, We all know and love it right? Cosplays are great but mix in a bit of Kawiiness and you have yourself an absolute banger. Honestly, any cosplay can be made Kawaii but some seem to come this way right out of the box. I don’t know if it’s just me but certain characters seem to personify this word a bit more than others. Characters such as Kanna Kamui and Cardcaptor Sakura automatically get an awww… Reaction when I see them pose. I know it’s not just me experiencing these emotions right? Anyways let’s check out 10 awesome Kawaii Cosplay ideas! 

Kanna Kamui 

I had the pleasure of doing a dragons maid shoot at momocon with some awesome cosplayers that can be found HERE! These images should give you an idea of how cute this character can be when done right! This cosplay was done by the awesome Hentaigirl82 Check out her page for some awesome work! Anyways this character is extremely adorable.  She is very soft-spoken and demonstrates most of her emotions through expressions. This means that shes a natural at making unique faces that of course comes off as completely cute! 

Cardcaptor Sakura 

This character is an absolute classic. I was watching this series back in middle school and still see cosplayers representing this character at cons today. I had the pleasure of shooting oddly enough @Hentaigirl82  again as this character at anime weekend Atlanta. Sakura Kinomoto is extremely energetic and well Kawaii. Her honesty and loveable personality make her very easy to get along with. She is of course tasked with recapturing all of the Clow cards released from a magical book and well, let’s just say it’s a great series. 

Chihiro Ogino 

Cosplay By Yui930 Photo By Stkit

First of all, everyone knows I love Studio Ghibli and one of my favorites is Spirited AwayThe main character is Chihiro Ogino and this girl can do no wrong in my mind. Shes so kawaii and seems to only want the best for nearly everyone. Her main desire is to help her parents but in the process, she ends up also helping HAKU.  She’s extremely brave and faces several challenges throughout the movie which completely tests her resolve. This cosplay is rather cheap and should definitely be done at more conventions. Mix in a Haku and you have yourself one badass group cosplay.  

Hatsune Miku  

Cosplay by Sakura Nina Photo By Peito Takarai

Technically not a real character but nonetheless extremely popular. Hatsune Miku is the Vocaloid software voicebank developed by Crypton Future Media. She is 16 years old with long turquoise hair. She, of course, exhibits common dance moves that only enhance her cuteness. Fun fact, her voice is actually modeled after Saki Fujita. Despite not being real, she has performed on several stages as a projection. Another interesting fact, her name actually means “the first sound of the future”. I don’t know why but I find this extremely cool! 

Madoka Kaname 

Madoka Kaname is a regular girl that eventually becomes a magic girl. She is the star of the series  Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Shes not noted for having any special talents, hobbies or abilities but after seeing her classmate Mami Tomoe fight witches, she decides she wanted to join in. Oddly enough, she actually does not like fighting and begins to reconsider becoming a magic girl as the series progresses. This is due to the fact that she begins to understand more about what it takes to become a magic girl and the consequences associated with it. I still need to go back and finish this series as it was very promising. 


Cosplay By AlicexLiddell

This character is the main antagonist of the series Danganronpa. He is a bear-like creature that is actually remote controlled and claims to be the head of the Hopes Pokes Academy. There are several copies of him throughout the academy. So technically he’s got the whole big brother is always watching thing going on. The students are trying to find out who the controller is and id rather not give it away if you plan to watch the series. Monokuma is kawaii on one side but rather evil-looking on the other. You can opt to buy the entire cosplay or just the hoodie. Either way, you will definitely be cute.  


Cosplay By Shappi and Photo By Dobrochna

This character is actually from League of Legends. Shes of the spell caster class and her abilities consist of salvation, starcall, astral infusion, and equinox. Soraka is a healer so if you enjoy kawaii characters that are also support then this is the cosplay for you.  She also has many skins available but I just opted for the basic costume for this post. If we are being honest, I really like her reaper skin or programmer skin. These are not exactly the cutest skins but they just look awesome to me. I have photographed several league of legend cosplayers but never a Soraka. Feel free to check out the rest of the LOL cosplayers I have captured on my site or IG 


Ahri Cosplay By mewpiie_cosplay
Ahri Cosplay By mewpiie_cosplay

 Another league of legends character, Ahri is an absolute beast. She has some extremely devastating abilities and is one of the strongest spellcasters in the game. Aside from her abilities, she is by far one of the most kawii characters in the series. Like Sorakashe has several skins available to her and once again choose the one that you like best. I had the pleasure of photographing @mewpiie_cosplay at queen city anime convention.  She cosplayed as K/DA Ahri and it looked absolutely amazing.  I would love to see all of her skins come together for an exclusive Ahri shoot!  

Hinata Hyuga 

Cosplay And Photography By Wallaby and Wonwon297

Wielder of the byakugan, her eyes let her see the various chakra points dispersed throughout the body. Then with her gentle fist technique, she is capable of closing these points thus preventing you from performing ninjutsu abilities. Unfortunately, these eyes were completely dwarfed by the Sharingan eyes wielded by the Uchiha clan. Anyways, back to the cosplay. Hinata was always extremely cute around her childhood crush Naruto and of course eventually marries him. Go ahead and grab a Naruto and Boruto cosplay and you can get a family cosplay going! 



Last but not least we have one of the cutest characters to grace the anime scene in 2019. She’s the younger sibling to the demon slayer Tanjiro. There have been so many cute memes and fan art created from this character. Her situation is unfortunate but I won’t ruin it for you. If you haven’t seen this anime then its likely that you will definitely fall in love with this character upon watching the series. To make her character even better, she goes from cute to deadly in a matter of seconds. Let’s just say the episode where she exhibits her true abilities In combination with her brother’s attack was absolutely amazing. I see lots of Nezuko cosplays in IG but I have yet to see one in person. Definitely let me know if you plan to make this happen.  

Well, there you have it, 10 awesome Kawaii cosplay ideas. I really love these characters and naturally, there are several other choices but these are simply some of my favorite. If you enjoyed this post feel free to leave a comment below. Definitely add some more characters to this list so that other cosplayers can expand on their cosplay ideas. Well, that’s everything for today. To check out some more awesome cosplay posts click HERE! Thanks so much again for checking out my blog and until next time stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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