5 Awesome Attack on Titan Cosplays That Should Come Back

Its been a long road but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. This is unfortunate but true for life and anime. Many great series have either faded from our memories or risen to the ranks of legendary. Either way, all of these shows have come to an end and of course the same will happen with one of the most heart-dropping anime of this century. 

 Of course, I’m talking about Attack on Titan or Shingeki no KyojinHopefully, this series will in fact drop this year despite all of this COVID mess. Either way, we will have to make sure we are not only prepared for the 4th season of attack on titan but also mentally and physically. And by physically, I mean investing in some Attack on Titan cosplays. 

Captain Levi 

When this series hit the internet in 2013 you were seeing Attack On Titan cosplays everywhere. Naturally, these cosplays faded into the next trend. Well, let’s revitalize these cosplays starting with Captain Levi. Being the captain of the survey corps, Captain Levi as we have all seen is the strongest anti titan soldier the forces of mankind have.

He single hardheadedly takes down several at a time and completely emasculated the all-powerful beast titan. Just think about this for a moment. The titan that commands all the other and destroyed most of humanities army with a bunch of rocks didn’t stand a chance against Captain LeviI’m not really sure how he became so powerful but either way Captain Levi is a force to be reckoned with. 

Mikasa Ackerman 

Second, only to Captain Levi, Mikasa Ackerman is another beast on the battlefield. She’s a true genius but one would never guess from her personality or demeanor. She’s emotionally withdrawn and seems to only show them at the extremes. In battle, her fighting tactics are very calculated and level headed usually resulting in her victory. Like every other member of the survey corps, she wears the traditional Survey Corps cape and rather noncolorful attire.

I never really noticed it until now but this anime is extremely monocolored. Maybe this helps with drawing the viewers into the story because when reds and pinks are seen it means something serious is going down or about to happen. Regardless, Mikasa Ackerman is one of my favorite characters in attack on titan and is a great addition to any cosplay survey corps unit. 

Annie Leonhart 

I know its been a while but don’t tell me you guys have forgotten about Annie Leonhart! She was not only a badass at martial arts but ended up being the main antagonist of the first season. Unfortunately, she has not made an appearance ever since she encapsulated herself in crystal.  Annie Leonhart Can be considered our first true introduction to human titan transformation. I would really like to see this character make a comeback in the final season.

Despite being in a comatose state, I think it would be awesome if she was actually just waiting to attack from the inside while her friends are attacking from the outside. As a photographer, I would love to capture a few action poses of someone cosplaying as this character as her fighting stance is extremely unique but resembles Muy Thai. Given the right seen, these pictures and videos would be legendary. 

Reiner Braun 

Before the events of the third season of attack on titan I really that Reiner Braun was an absolute badass. His titan form is armored and extremely unique in appearance. Yeah, the colossal titan and beast titan were amazing but neither of them held my attention the way the armored titan did. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of respect for him after he was utterly destroyed by Eren Yeager in two fights.

I mean Reiner Braun finished 2nd in his class meaning he should have damn near been the cream of the crop. He also had a lot more time to perfect his titan form as he gained the power of the armored titan at the age of ten. All of this should have equaled an easy win for ReinerBut, the past is the past and all we could do is look forward to anything he accomplishes in the future. Side note I really want to see a cosplay of his titan form rather than his human form. Please make this happen. 

Eren Yaeger 

Last up we have the main protagonist of the series better known as Eren YeagerThis character along with Mikasa Ackerman are in desperate need of therapy. Eren witnessed his mother being eaten by a titan and Mikasa saw her parents murdered. I fully understand their immaculate fighting abilities as they have literally been fighting their entire lives. Many of the mysteries surrounding this character were clarified and elaborated on in the third season but just as many new questions were presented.

My personal opinion is that the individual cosplaying as this character should be rather hot-headed as Eren is always getting himself into trouble due to his lack of restraint. Honestly, Eren does not have a tone of natural talent but still managed to graduate fifth in his class. Through sheer willpower and determination, he has overcome tons of trials and tribulations and each time proved himself worthy of receiving his titan abilities. 

I’m expecting so many things from the final season of attack on titan and truly hope it doesn’t disappoint. I really need to take the time and look into the manga but for now, I will just keep making excuses as to why I can’t do it lol. Thanks so much for checking out this post and if you enjoyed it feel free to leave a comment below. Also, for more cosplay news feels free to click HERE, and don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel as it has some awesome cosplayers and videos on it. Thanks so much again for checking out my website and until next time stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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